The thoughts of good old Lincolnshire Farmer Wink

FAMOUS Farmer Wink from Minting, who became a celebrity after phoning in to Radio Lincolnshire's breakfast show, is now starring in his own video!

Wink, real name Robert Carlton, agreed to the video after Radio Lincolnshire asked him for something unique which could be auctioned for their Gold Appeal.

Before it was even produced a generous bid of 500 meant that 'Barry' in Horncastle was the owner of the first copy.

Wink said: "I couldn't believe someone had bid that much before it was even out.

"I'm going to deliver it to him myself."

The video was filmed on his farm and at the home he shares with his brother Dick.

It contains the type of anecdotes he has become famous for, all told in his well known broad tones full of old Lincolnshire dialect.

This may be his first video appearance but Wink is no stranger to being in the newspapers, as he and his 26-year-old ewe made the front page in the Horncastle News in 2001.

When asked about his new celebrity status Wink is as humble and grounded as ever.

He said: "I had a lady tell me that she looks forward to Friday mornings, she said she has tears coming down her face from laughing so much.

"If I can make a few people happy on a Friday morning then it's alright."

Wink rose to fame after phoning in to answer a listener's question on William Wright's breakfast show.

He said: "After the phone-in people started ringing up and asking who I was, they hadn't heard anyone talk so broad.

"They didn't believe I was a real person at first!"

Wink now appears on Radio Lincolnshire just after 9am every Friday but has no intention of giving up the farm and his "owd yows" for a jet-set celebrity lifestyle.

He said: "I don't like going far, I once won a holiday to Paris but gave it away, going to Louth market and back is about as far as I like to go."