The dos and don’t of parking

More restrictions on 
parking in King Street and Queen Street are being called for by Market Rasen Town Council.

At last week’s meeting the issue was raised by Coun Steven Lingard who told members he often saw multiple cars parked with wheels on the pavement outside the town’s takeaway 

The streets currently have single yellow lines painted on them, signifying restrictions on parking at certain times.

But town councillors would like to see double yellow lines introduced, restricting parking at all times.

And stricter parking enforcement is about to begin across the county.

Lincolnshire County Council takes over fining motorists parked illegally on December 3.

The authority is warning that streets that may not have seen a traffic warden for years will have parking restrictions enforced.

Mick Phoenix, count council parking services manager, said: “We’re sure that people are getting used to the idea that parking restrictions will be enforced more regularly from December 3.

“We want to do all we can to help explain what these restrictions include.

“Everyone will know they can’t park on double yellow lines, but may not know this means they can’t park on the adjacent pavement or grass verge either.

“Motorists also need to be aware they can’t block access to dropped kerbs, designed to help those with wheelchairs, pushchairs or bikes to cross the road more safely.”

Councillor William Webb, counc council executive member for highways and transportation, said: “We are one of the last places in the country to apply for these powers, something the government is encouraging all local authorities to do.

“This isn’t about making any money, this is about helping to keep people moving safely, reducing congestion and inconsiderate parking.”

Market Rasen Town Council will now contact Lincolnshire County Council about the possibility of having double yellow lines.