Taking aim at first Field Archery shoot in Rasen

Alastair Constable, Steve Hall, Roly Bee.'Phoenix Field Archers.
Alastair Constable, Steve Hall, Roly Bee.'Phoenix Field Archers.
  • Archers of all ages take part in contest at Dog Kennel Wood

More than a hundred sportsmen and women of all ages descended on Market Rasen on Sunday (April 3) to take part in the first competitive shoot organised by the Phoenix Field Archers.

Coming from as far afield as Newcastle and the West Midlands, the shooters had their bow and arrows at the ready as they made their way around a course of 36 foam animal 3D targets in Dog Kennel Wood.

The competitors were given points judged on the distance and accuracy of their shots with awards given out for the top scorers in male, female and junior categories, and for the style of bow used.

Organiser and chairman of the Phoenix Field Archers, Roly Bee, said: “Our group has been running since August 1 last year and we follow strict rules by the NFAS (National Field Archery Society) so this is not something that just any Joe Bloggs can join in.

“Safety is of 100 per cent importance and people must have insurance through the NFAS to be part of the group.

“We will be planning a programme in the next few weeks to open up our group to new members.”

Mr Bee, 59, has long been involved in field archery and had a renewed interest in the sport in recent years.

He said: “I shoot a flat American bow which is quite heavy. There are ten different types of bow.

“I first tinkered around with shooting donkey’s years ago when I wandered into a shop, bought a bow and started shooting paper plates.

“I never had any formal coaching at that time.

“I then got into deep sea fishing but the guy I used to go with passed away and then the magic went out of it.

“After I gave that up my partner said to me why don’t you go out and get another hobby as I was getting under her feet, so I took up field archery again.”

“After starting up the Phoenix Field Archers we were looking for a place to meet and contacted the Forestry Commission who allowed us to use the Dog Kennel Wood. We need a good amount of acres, so it’s perfect for us.”

There are ten shooting styles within the NFAS: Primitive, Longbow, American Flatbow, Hunting Tackle, Bowhunter, Barebow, Freestyle, Crossbow, Compound Limited and Unlimited. On a standard round in a competition an archer will shoot until he or she scores, up to a maximum of three arrows, from a range of distances.