Take our lead... there are other places for dogs

Caistor news
Caistor news

Dog owners will not be able to take their animals off their leads on a 3.5 acre field in Caistor despite numerous appeals from residents.

Caistor Town Councillors voted to uphold the by-law requiring dogs to be on leads, when they met on Thursday, February 13.

During public participation at the beginning of the meeting, the council heard from a resident who said since the by-law has been enforced dog walkers had stopped using the field, next to Caistor sports field, and vandalism in the area had gone up as there were less people around.

Town clerk Helen Pitman reported that she had also received a number of letters from the public urging the council to rethink the by-law.

Councillor Alan Caine suggested removing the dogs on leads rule for a three-month trial period, but was in the minority of members.

Most councillors felt dogs should not be off the lead in areas where there may be children playing.

Coun Rick Sandham said: “I can see the dog walkers side of it, but personally areas where you have dogs and kids do not mix.

“If council want to develop that site for kids I do not think dogs should be allowed down there without leads.

“As a dog owner, there are plenty of areas where you can take your dog off the lead.”

Coun Kate Galligan added: “The dog fouling is already bad down there and I think it will just make it worse.

“There are plenty of other places to walk your dog off the lead, we do not live in the centre of a massive town and this is not a new phenomenon.”

The by-law was introduced by Caistor Town Council in 2007 when members decided to utilise the 3.5 acre field for junior football and children’s use.

But the regulation has only started to be enforced recently.

Members said they did not want to penalise the responsible dog owners of Caistor, but nine councillors voted to retain the by-law in its current form, with only Coun Alan Caine and Mayor Steve Millson voting differently.