Sylvia Atkinson

The funeral service for Sylvia Atkinson, aged 80 years of Stainton le Vale, was held at Grimsby Crematorium.

The Rev John Carr officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Sylvia was born in Rochdale.

During her working life she was a PE teacher, subpostmistress and, of course a mother.

She was involved in a number of organisations and was secretary of Bradley Music Festival, administrator for GCDYO (Grimsby Orchestra), chairwoman of Wintringham Ladies Hockey Club and secretary to the Stainton Parish Committee.

Family mourners were: Raymond Atkinson (husband); Graeme Atkinson (son); Lydia and Andy Walton (daughter and son-in-law); Cathy and Chris Whitfield (daughter and son-in-law); Frances Atkinson (daughter); Paddy Atkinson (son); Colin Atkinson (brother-in-law); Megan and Patrick Atkinson, Ross and Callum Coulbeck, Robyn Walton (grandchildren); Matt and Pip Atkinson (nephews); Marie Dilworth (daughter-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Mr A Anderson; Captain Raymond Bland; Captain John and Mrs Woods; Mrs C Reid (also rep Dave Reid); Miss C Darby (also rep Mrs D Hewson); Mrs J Sinclair (also rep A Shearer); Mrs M Price; Marie Peatfield; Mr N Smith; Mrs S Harris; Mr F Bemrose; Mrs J Lane; Mrs J White; Mr C Turner; Mrs E Carr; Mrs L Cullen; Mr and Mrs D Morley; Mrs J Harrison (also rep David); Joan Atkinson; Mrs S Cade (Normanby le Wold); Mr T Reed; Mrs K Maeers (also rep Veronica Maeers and also E Abe); Mrs R Weston (also rep Keith, Mr and Mrs D Smith and also Matthew, Rachel and Adam); Mr I McDonald; Mrs M Brown; Mrs D Vrettos; Mrs M B Lingard; Mr and Mrs T Allen; Mr P Wallis; Mr and Mrs L Mackay; Dr A Tennant; Mrs C Speed (also rep S Allitt); Mrs M King; Mrs L Blow (also rep Motor Neurone Disease Association); Mrs M Galloway; Mr and Mrs K Batchelor; Mr and Mrs D Burton; Mr J Lawson; Mrs A Sellars; Miss K Sellars; Mrs P Pardy (also rep R Pardy); Mrs D Waterland; Mrs N Crawford; Miss N Crawford; Mr and Mrs Cameron; Mrs M Davey; Mrs R Atkinson (also rep Joe and also Alex and Lizzie Atkinson); Marie Dilworth; Roz Wallace; Kay O’Connell; Sue Beveridge (also rep Binbrook School); Lynne Roberts (also rep Andy, David Atkinson, Dr and Mrs James, Mr and Mrs C Dowse); Mr and Mrs Marshall (also rep Mr and Mrs Hillstead); Mr D Laws; Mr and Mrs Doyle (also rep Sarah and Laura Doyle); Mr and Mrs G S Cartwright (also rep Mrs W Yardley); Lee Beckett; Jean Scott; Mr and Mrs Bell (also rep Mr and Mrs Buffey); Mrs L Pendall-Tyrrell (also rep Kathy Robinson); Barbara Coulbeck; Alan Coulbeck; Phyllis Wright; M Barker; Karen Oxborough; Marie Colebrook.