Support for women from across the world

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-160329-130626001

Women across the world were remembered at the annual lunch for Humberside International Women’s Club.

This year, the club is celebrating its 21st year and has members from 29 countries, with affiliation to around 30 more.

“The club has grown a great deal from when it started,” said anniversary year chairman Karin Smith.

“There were 14 to 16 members 21 years ago and now the club is truly international.”

As well as having speakers at monthly meetings in Nettleton Village Hall, the club also looks to support local and international charities. This year’s Women’s Day lunch supported Faraja Women’s Aid, a charity spearheaded by member Josephine Kweka. The charity supports a women’s co-operative in Josephine’s home village in Tanzania. To support themselves, the women provide catering for ceremonies in the village.

“At the moment they have to hire chairs and crockery, which of course means they earn less from their work – and they do work very hard,” said Josephine.

“If we can raise £700, this will mean they can buy chairs and new plates and also create three or four latrines for families in the village, which is something that is greatly needed.

“I wanted to do something to help my village and my good friends here have been so supportive.

“Every penny raised will go direct to the people in the village, which is very important.”