Super slimmer Amy is West Lindsey’s ‘biggest loser’

Amy Fordham
Amy Fordham

A dieter from Hemswell Cliff who lost a staggering 41lbs in two months has won West Lindsey District Council’s ‘biggest loser’ competition.

Amy Fordham, 20, managed to lose about three stones between October and December - and feels amazing.

She said: “I have never won anything in my life before.

“The weight loss has given me the confidence to carry on with healthy eating and when I get comments from other people saying how fantastic I look it gives me the motivation to keep going.”

WLDC health trainer Debbie Williams said Amy was a very shy person but she had acquired a determined attitude to focus on changing her unhealthy lifestyle.

Debbie said: “When Amy started this programme she wasn’t very confident that she would achieve the weight loss that she wanted to. As the weeks continued she took on board all the help and advice and the weight started coming off which resulted in her confidence being boosted.

“This has allowed her to motivate herself not only to change her diet but also to increase her physical activity and go for a walk on a daily basis.”

Fellow Hemswell Cliff resident Chris Fordham, 23, won the council’s step challenge for November.

He achieved a total of 369,815 steps, which equates to approximately 185 miles.

WLDC health walk coordinator Jackie Brown said: “We try to encourage people to do as many steps a day as possible.”