Super gran was flying without wings

Grandmother June Winfield does a skydive
Grandmother June Winfield does a skydive

A DARING gran celebrated her 70th birthday by leaping 4,000ft from an aeroplane – despite being terrified of heights.

Former Thorganby landlady June Winfield sang Flying Without Wings by boy band Westlife as she glided through the air after a 30-second free fall, which she described as “awesome”.

The grandmother-of-six said she would do the skydive again tomorrow – but she is still scared of heights and is even too frightened to look over the edge of a cliff.

Mrs Winfield, who used to run the Click ‘Em Inn pub in Swinhope, agreed to the skydive – a birthday present from her family – only to raise money for charity.

Mrs Winfield – not usually a thrill-seeker – said: “I knew I wouldn’t be able to back out if I was doing it for charity because I wouldn’t let people down. I’m not that kind of person.

“I was absolutely petrified when I first found out about it, but as I shuffled to the door of the aircraft and dangled my feet from the side I wasn’t frightened at all.

“When I launched from the plane it was absolutely awesome. I kept saying ‘wow, wow’ and then started singing I’m Flying Without Wings. I wanted to go straight up and do it again afterwards.”

But Mrs Winfield said it has not cured her fear of heights. She said: “I was fine knowing I was strapped to a trained parachutist and felt completely safe with him, but I’m still too scared to look over the side of a cliff – I’m absolutely terrified of heights.”

Mrs Winfield and daughter-in-law Sarah Topliss together raised £1,400 for Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance after their skydive in Cambridgeshire.

She said: “The support I’ve received from everyone has been overwhelming and my husband is so proud of me.”