Stunning staging of epic opera Aida

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Jealousy, revenge, hopeless romance and a breathtaking wall of fire brings epic opera Aida to life in award-winning opera producer Ellen Kent’s new tour.

Pyrotechnic displays and lighting effects help bring Ellen’s love of large scale productions to the local stage, complete with stunning scenery depicting the splendour and mystery of ancient Egypt.

The celebrated Chisinau National Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra, with international guest soloists, visit The Auditorium in Grimsby on November 1.

And joining the 80-strong cast as slaves and soldiers on stage will be 40 local dancers, children and adults.

The tale focuses on Ethiopian princess Aida, who is captured and brought into slavery in Egypt.

Military commander Radames falls in love with Aida and struggles between his feeling for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh.

Pharaoh’s daughter Amneris also loves Radames and they are due to be wed, although Radames still yearns for Aida, who persuades him to flee into the desert with her.

But Radames is found out and surrenders, condemned to be entombed alive.

As he is sealed into the vault, he discovers Aida has hidden herself there so they can be together in death.

Tickets cost £15 to £25 from the box office on 0844 871 3016 or