Store wars - Can Rasen net a new Netto?

Netto in Kingsthorpe, it is closing and will become an Asda. ENGNNL00120110624200422
Netto in Kingsthorpe, it is closing and will become an Asda. ENGNNL00120110624200422
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Netto, the re-launched discount supermarket chain, is said to be eyeing up a move to Market Rasen.

A landowner, who declines to be identified, said Netto has contacted him about his land, which he would be happy to sell if the price was right.

Netto has just started rolling out the first of 15 stores following a new joint-venture deal with Sainsbury’s.

The Danish-owned supermarket chain pulled out of the UK market in 2010 after it sold out to ASDA.

Last week, the Rasen Mail was told Netto had been eyeing up Market Rasen, seeking smaller sites to those sought by Aldi.

However, Netto has declined to comment about a Market Rasen move.

This month, the company announced four stores opening across West And South Yorkshire, plus Manchester.

Netto has a target map focussed on South and West Yorkshire, plus Lancashire, which shows Market Rasen just on the outside edge.

“We will open a further 10 stores in the North of England next year. We will announce details of where those stores will be next year,” the spokeswoman told the Rasen Mail.

Sainsbury’s, which has its own local convenience stores, told the Rasen Mail it has “no plans for the area.”

Meanwhile, Aldi, which has said it has identified a site in Market Rasen, has despite repeated requests, declined to reveal the site. Last month, Aldi told the Rasen Mail it hoped to apply for planning permission within six months and open a store in Rasen by early 2016.

Town and district councillors are unaware of the latest rumblings, though they recall Aldi some years back investigating the former Travis Perkins site, now occupied by Tradelight, which plans to expand its own premises and build houses on the Oxford Street location.

Mayor John Matthews said he was unaware of any move by Netto into Market Rasen.

“They are a Sainsbury’s subsidiary. They would be looking to compete with Tesco. I think they would be welcome,” he told the Rasen Mail.

Town and district councillor Ken Bridger had also heard nothing, but noted a growing demand for such discount supermarket chains.