Stars in their community

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Community-minded people have once again been recognised at an annual award event held in Middle Rasen.

This year, five awards were made at the Community Spirit event, run in conjunction with the village magazine covering the Middle Rasen and Barkwith parishes.

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Representing the Barkwith area, Veronica Chamberlin announced Paul Fuller as an award winner.

“He is the moving spirit behind several of the activities which happen in the village hall and was an instigator of the twice-monthly coffee mornings,” said Mrs Chamberlin.

“He is deeply involved with the film and discussion group, a leading light of the ballroom group, produces the village newsletter and distributes it to the far-flung corners of the village and much more.”

Someone who epitomises the term good neighbour is Lezley Gale, who was nominated for an award by Joyce Rhodes on behalf of Middle Rasen.

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“Lezley Gale has dedicated her life to looking after people,” said Mrs Rhodes.

The former warden at Braemar sheltered accommodation still looks out for the residents voluntarily – collecting prescriptions, shopping, arranging transport, cooking lunches, arranging activities and much more.

“Residents feel happy, secure, cared for as individuals and regard themselves as part of a big, happy family,” added Mrs Rhodes.

“All this is as a result of the love and care provided over the years by Lezley, not forgetting her partner Mark.”

Two Community Spirit members are stepping down this year and both were given the opportunity to reward their own community stalwarts.

Distribution manager Valerie Wright nominated Geoff Crawforth for the work he does behind the scenes at many Middle Rasen events.

Unfortunately, Geoff was unable to attend the event, but wife Anne was on hand to collect the award on his behalf.

For outgoing editor Anne Crawforth, her award went to Pat Fussey, who she described as ‘a loyal and trusty friend to many’.

The tables were then turned on Valerie Wright for the final award of the evening.

“Valerie is a valued member of several groups in the village,” said Mrs Rhodes.

“She helps with everything that happens.”