Stamp of approval at Wragby

Josie Exton Sub Postmistress, left, joining mums and children to be first to drop letters in the new box EMN-160830-063836001
Josie Exton Sub Postmistress, left, joining mums and children to be first to drop letters in the new box EMN-160830-063836001

Coloured balloons in the centre of Wragby last week highlighted a first class celebration in the village.

Local residents were delighted to see a new post box has been installed on the edge of the market place.

The centre of the village has been without a box since the old post office closed on the north side of the square two and a half years ago.

The post office had been in the same building for more than 100 years.

And with the closure of the post office came the sealing up of the mail box built into the wall when the property was sold.

The Post Office relocated into Wragby Pet Shop, but there was no external mail box for when the shop was closed.

“Residents have had to rely on the good will of staff at the sub-post office where they had a bag inside and accepted letters during opening hours,” said Wragby correspondent for the Rasen Mail Alice Hodgson.

“When the shop closed it became more difficult but congratulations to the staff as the recent petition they organised has brought results and a large red post box has been conveniently installed.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Royal Mail is pleased to confirm that a new postbox was recently installed in Wragby, making it the third in the village.”

The other two postboxes are located in Louth Road, and Horncastle Road.

The installation of Wragby’s new box comes at the same time as it was announced Royal Mail staff in the LN postcode area, which includes Wragby and Horncastle, are hitting national targets.

The Royal Mail’s Quality of Service report for the first quarter of the financial year 2016-2017 reveals it has beaten its regulatory First Class mail target in the LN postcode area.

The reports says 95.8 per cent of mail is delivered on time, according to independent research.

The First Class target is for 93 per cent of mail to arrive the next working day.

Rob Jenson, Operations Director, Royal Mail said: “Our postmen and women work extremely hard to deliver to some of the most demanding Quality of Service standards in the whole of Europe.

“We remain the only UK delivery company to publish our Quality of Service and we are proud to do so.

“We are more focused than ever on continuously improving and maintaining high standards of service for our customers.”

Nationally, Royal Mail had met/beaten its regulatory First Class mail target, delivering 93.3 per cent the next working day. It also exceeded its Second Class mail target of 98.5 per cent delivered within three working days.