Speed limit set for change after collision

A CAMPAIGN to reduce the speed limit of Swinhope Road in Brookenby after a collision in July looks like it may be a success.

Abigail Binns began a petition, which has more than 1,000 signatures, after sister Donna Sleight’s recovery from a collision on July 23 was described as a ‘miracle’.

She said the 60mph limit 
on the village’s main road is 
too much, and that the car’s speed of just 38mph saved Donna’s life.

Lincolnshire County 
Council’s Burt Keimach has written to Donna (pictured) proposing a 40mph speed limit, a reduction of 20mph, but Abi is still holding out for a 30mph limit.

Coun Keimach said the speed limit could be addressed.

He added: “Speed 
readings have therefore been carried out, which indicate that 40mph would be the appropriate level of limit for this road,” he said.

“We are pleased they have acknowledged that 60mph is to fast for Swinhope Road and 
are proposing to lower it, but we feel 40mph is still too fast,” said Abi.

“Therefore we have objected the proposed speed change as we would like 30mph, and think this is more suitable.”

l What do you think? 
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