Sparkling celebration for Snitterby couple

George and Brenda Rodgers EMN-160404-065836001
George and Brenda Rodgers EMN-160404-065836001

Good friends, a wonderful family and fantastic memories is how one Snitterby couple sum up their 60 years of marriage.

Brenda and George Rodgers celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a party arranged by their family at the village hall.

George and Brenda Rodgers on their wedding day in 1956 EMN-160404-065816001

George and Brenda Rodgers on their wedding day in 1956 EMN-160404-065816001

“It was a lovely, memorable day – I can’t say any more than that,” said Brenda, 77.

“Everyone pulled together and mucked in – it has just been wonderful.”

The couple were married at St Chad’s Church, in Dunholme, on March 31, 1956.

It was a twist of fate that meant the couple met in the first place, because Brenda was from Peckham in London, while George was a Lincolnshire lad.

“When I left school at 15, I went to the Youth Employment Exchange and saw the Agriculture and Fisheries Scheme,” said Brenda.

“I asked for Devon or Cornwall, but they sent me to Lincoln.

“I remember my dad bringing me on a Pullman.

“I got the job with Mr Marsden, who had a small milking herd.

“They were a good family to be with and they looked after me.”

On the neighbouring farm was George, and he recalls the first time he saw the teenage Brenda.

“I first saw her when I was ploughing a field with the boss,” he said.

“She was carrying a large bucket of milk in each hand and I thought, she looks a strong lass, she’ll do for me.”

The couple went out on a double date, but it was George’s friend who had been paired with Brenda.

“When we got to the cinema, I pushed myself forward and said I would pay for Brenda – and that was it,” said George.

“I used to get my leg pulled, mind; they would say, you don’t want that towny lass.”

The couple started their married life at Metheringham and after four years moved to Spridlington, where they both continued with agricultural work.

They have two children – Jane and Paul – and have enjoyed worldwide travel over the years, making many new friends along the way.

Brenda said: “There is no secret to it, just be tolerant and have your own interests.

“It hasn’t been without its moments – I am a strong character– but we have wonderful family and friends.”

George agreed: “Yes, good friends and good family make for a contented life.”