Shoppers help send shelter to Nepal

Rotarians have been collecting to help the people of Nepal following the recent earthquake EMN-150405-204021001
Rotarians have been collecting to help the people of Nepal following the recent earthquake EMN-150405-204021001

Members of Market Rasen Rotary Club were out in force at the town’s Tesco store on Saturday to raise money to help those in Nepal affected by the recent earthquake.

Supported by an information board about Shelter Box, generous shoppers donated a massive £930.36 during the eight-hour collection period. The Club’s environment committee donated £590 from last year’s Open Farm Sunday event, which the club matched from reserves too to provide shelter boxes to go out to Nepal, where each box provides bedding and cooking facilities for a family of 10.

Over the past years, Rasen Rotarians - with the help of the local population in Rasen, Caistor, Wragby and the surrounding villages - have given enough to purchase some 30 plus Shelter Boxes.

“Hearing of the terrible tragedy that has visited itself on the people of Nepal, the Rotary Club decided they had to do something to help and as soon as possible,” said Rotarian David Mason.

“We know Shelter Box Organisation, founded by the Rotary Club of Helston, Cornwall, works quickly and efficiently, their volunteers often being some of the first aid supporters, entering an area of devastation.

“Having the confidence to give, and knowing the aid will reach the intended target safely and quickly, the Environmental Committee of the club gave £590.00, earned at last year’s Open Farm Sunday.

“The Club then matched the payment, from its reserves, paying another £590.00 to buy another Shelter Box .

“Such is the scale of the disaster in Nepal, we thought more should be done, and as a result, we sought fast permission from Tesco in Market Rasen to hold a collection on May 2 - thank you to all for your donations and your goodwill.”

Several Rotarians could not help with the collection, but they donated a further £100 to swell the fund.

And a lady from Tealby volunteered the takings from a forthcoming coffee morning to their appeal, particularly as she liked the security of the gift, delivering shelter, tools, bedding etc direct to the people who needed it.

“Our second tranch of money to pay to Shelter Box this coming week, stands at a definite £1,036.36 with some further offers to hand,” added Mr Mason.

“We hope to increase this second payment to at least £1,180.00 which will mean we shall have supplied funds to buy four Shelter Boxes to Nepal, within a fortnight of the Earthquake hitting.

“As you may have seen in Shelter Box’s own appeal in the Daily Telegraph, the first Shelter Box volunteer was on the ground in Kathmandu, within 36 hours of the tragedy, and he advised his organisation, that more cheaper mini ‘tool and shelter kits’ were the first requirement, followed by full blown Shelter Box kits.

“Our RC leaves the decision to Shelter Box as to how to use our donations; Shelter Box tents are already in use as clinics in Kathmandu, giving the medics somewhere clean and dry to work.”

Anyone who would like to add to the Rotarians appeal can send a cheque, made payable to the Rotary Club of Market Rasen, to Nigel Douglas, Treasurer, RC of Market Rasen, Laburnham, Gainsborough Road, Middle Rasen, LN8 3JS (or give a cheque to any Rotarian) and the donation will be forwarded to Shelter Box.

“Thank you to everyone for your generosity,” said Mr Mason.

“We may only be a small club in a small rural area, but once again, all have risen to the occasion.”