Shirley Ann Paul

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The funeral service for Shirley Ann Paul, aged 73 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Terence Paul (husband); Tracy Saunders (daughter); Mrs B Hicks (sister); Mr W Saunders (son-in-law); C Saunders and M Saunders (grandsons); Mr and Mrs S Atkin (niece and nephew); Mr and Mrs Wright (great-niece and nephew); Mr M Wicks (nephew); Mr and Mrs S Atkin (great-niece and nephew); Mr T St Clair (cousin); T and P Cox (uncle and cousin); Mr and Mrs J Tasker (brother and sister-in-law); Mr and Mrs K Paul (brother and sister-in-law); Mr and Mrs M Reed (brother and sister-in-law); Mrs J Masterton (niece).

Friends at the service were: Clive Robinson; Maisie Claxton; S Hobbs (also rep Kelly Hobbs, Mandy Carry); Mrs Whittle; Ron and Judy Carter; Karen Nichols-Brown; Paul Stanley (also rep Margaret Jones – North Wales); Chris Stanley; Pam Smart; Mr and Mrs R Smart; Mr and Mrs S Samuels; Gill Norledge; Mrs H Thornton (also rep the family, Mrs M Tolan); Rosie Dawson (also rep Pete and family); Michael Stewart (also rep Vanessa Proctor); Mrs J Jarvill (also rep Mrs I A Upton); Frances Mitchell; Mrs Chater (also rep Mr Chater, Deborah Gawthorpe); Christine Tye (also rep Christopher); Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs Flood); William Craig; Frank Costello; Mr and Mrs Johnson (also rep D Lutch); Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Mrs M Saunders; Mr and Mrs L Tranter; Mr J A E Fox; Mr and Mrs R Chambers; Mrs S Nash; Mr E Gledhill; Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra; Mrs S Norman (also rep Jack); Mrs M Miller; Mr R Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs B Smith); Mrs Wrath (also rep Mr Wrath); Mr Flear (also rep Mrs D Flear); Mrs B Beacock; Mr and Mrs N Taylor (also rep De Aston School); Mrs S Carter (also rep Mr W Carter); Mr M Flear (also rep Mrs S Flear and family); Mr C Bates; Mrs C Tuplin; Miss S Maund (also rep Mr A Bennett, Mrs E Bennett); Mr G James; Mrs J Davey; Mrs P Perkins (also rep Mick); Jane Atkin; Mr H Rodger (also rep Sam and Stephen); Mr M Boyles.