Seasonal shoppers support Shelter Box

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Rasen Rotarians have added more than £800 to their seasonal charity collection thanks to the generosity of their members and shoppers.

The International committee of the Rotary Club of Market Rasen once again organised collections at each of the 
Market Rasen and Caistor Co-op branches, over the Christmas period.

Rotary Collection

Rotary Collection

At the first collection, generous shoppers at the Market Rasen store, together with some Rotarians making donations instead of sending Christmas cards, provided £443.

And the following week, shoppers at the Caistor store provided a further £396.74.

This will provide a full 
shelter box for 10 people, at a cost of £570, and the residue will be linked to a donation from another club to provide a further box.

Rotarian David Mason said: “On behalf of Shelter Box and the Rotary Club of Market Rasen, we would like to thank the managers and staff of the two Co-op stores involved for their warm and friendly support and welcome.

“And, of course, special thanks go to those shoppers who so generously gave toward our collection.”

Shelter Box began within a Rotary Club in Cornwall, but is now an independent worldwide charity supplying shelter and living equipment to those hit by natural or man-made disasters.

The contents of the boxes are designed to meet the specific needs of the people who will be the recipients of them, and as is seen in Haiti, the tent may become ‘home’ for several years.

“Rotarians are often asked what they do to support those hit by floods or wind damage in this country”, added Mr Mason.

“Whilst Shelter Box tents would not be appropriate, each Rotary District will have access to a support fund, and this money, together with practical help, can be accessed by talking to any Rotarian in the affected area.”