Ron Jackson

The funeral service for Ron Jackson, aged 65 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Ron was born in Spridlington.

He worked as a lorry driver until his retirement.

Family mourners were: Rita Jackson (wife); Steven Jackson and Jamie (son and partner); Jayne and Stuart Tuplin (daughter and son-in-law); Carol and Gary Philpott (daughter and son-in-law); Emma Tuplin, Jade Philpott, Holly Shepherd (granddaughters); Daniel Tuplin, Luke Tuplin, Lee Tuplin, Luke Stimpson, Matthew Philpott (grandsons); David and Heather Jackson, Kenny and Shelley Jackson, Carl and Jane Jackson (brothers and sisters-in-law); Marion and Peter Surfleet, Iris and Peter Tolan, Gill and Chris Osborne (sisters and brothers-in-law); Shaun Jackson, Joe Osborne (nephews); Russell and Marisa Jackson (nephew and wife); Michelle Tolan, Angela Tolan, Lorraine Surfleet, Kate Osborne (nieces); Dennis Sellars, Robert Sellars (brothers-in-law); Pater and Aileen Sellars, John and Hilary Sellars (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Brian and Hazel Sellars (cousins-in-law); Ann Hauton, Michael and Danielle Hauton, Robert and Jane Hauton (cousins); Phil Noble (close family friend).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs R New (also rep the family and also Beryl and Chris Lancaster); Mr and Mrs B C Cook; Mr and Mrs M Stanley; Mr and Mrs G Neave; Mrs S Dean; Mrs K Mansfield (also rep the family); Mr M Perkins (also rep Pauline); Miss C Neave; Mrs I Thompson (also rep Maxine Guymer, Mr and Mrs J Thompson); Mr B Bonner; Mr R Smith; Mr E Johnson (also rep John and family and also I Cooper); Mr S Fields; Mr M Trevor (also rep Mrs A Trevor and family); Mrs M Simons; Mr and Mrs G Philpott (also rep Paul and Michelle); Mr and Mrs B Burnett; Mrs M Tolan (also rep Mrs H Thornton); Paul and Nicki Wakefield (also rep Dave and Jo Howard); Mr and Mrs T Wilkinson; Mrs A Richards (also rep Darren Richards); Mr B Reaney (also rep Pam); Mr and Mrs R Chambers (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs A Dean; Mr A Shepherd (also rep Rase Store); Mrs P Hall (also rep Tony Hall); Mr K Strawson and Kim (also rep Mr D Fountain); Mr and Mrs D Burnett; Mr and Mrs A Adlard; Charlotte and Ellie; Mr and Mrs A Dowse; Mr P Richards (also rep Mr A Richards, Mr S Sanders and Val); Mr W Collins; Mr and Mrs S Bennett; Mr and Mrs A Bennett; Mr and Mrs A Upton; Mrs M Stainton; Mr and Mrs F Sellars; Mr N Bett (also rep Shelley Bett); Mr and Mrs B Ashley (also rep Susan and Louise); Mrs J Sellars (also rep Peter); Mr R Harrison; Mrs P Doughty (also rep Mrs J Sutton); Mr A Bancroft; Mr B Larder; Mr D C Burton; Mr J Bowen (also rep K Bowen); Mrs S Hodds; Mr and Mrs D Grant (also rep Mrs W M Hart); Mrs S Reading (also rep P Hazel); Mr J Wilson (also rep Jane Hobbs); Mr E Burks; Mr and Mrs G Barnard; Miss K Trevor (also rep Mr and Mrs A F Trevor); Mr D Richards (also rep Sam, Graham and families); Mr and Mrs J Jackson; Mr M Stamp; Mr J Codd; Mr Tolan; Mr and Mrs T and M Bell; Mr and Mrs Albon; Gill Fitch (also rep Mike and Jackie Beddoes); Mr and Mrs T Eley; Mr T Staves (also rep June); Mrs A Picksley (also rep Alan and Ian); Mr and Mrs E Roach (also rep Geoff); Mr J Cottingham (also rep Diane); Mr and Mrs K Miller; Mr and Mrs M Sellars; Mr C Maplethorpe (also rep the family); Tim Dame; Margaret and Derek Laughton; Dave Brumby (also rep John Carter); Amanda Thompson (also rep Dispensary – Rasen Surgery); David Thompson (also rep Paul and Carol Sellars); Paul Stanley; Mrs C Bonner and family; Doris Woodall; Julie Hogg; Richard Bradford (also rep Wilmot Transport); Mr and Mrs Fox (also rep Frances Mitchell); Mrs P Douglas; Ian Mawer (also rep Jessie); Maureen Lynn (also rep Terry); Cath and Tom Bunford; Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Mr A Chambers (cousin, also rep Mrs L Chambers, Mr and Mrs G Taylor); D A Hill (also rep G D Hill and also Rase Distribution); Mrs A Baxter (also rep J Baxter and family); Sarah Appleyard and Myles; Frank Fieldsend (also rep Clive); Dennis Parrott; B Spilman (also rep the family); Malcolm Webster; Michael Cooper; Norman Booth; Maureen and Dave Appleyard; Linda Booth; Douglas Brown (also rep Mr and Mrs P Dixon); Mr and Mrs A Farrow; Paul Halpenny; Ken Langley; Paul Tolan (also rep Susan); H Rodger (also rep J Rodger); Graham Pearce; Mrs Hawke (also rep Mr Bett and family); Mr and Mrs Pennell (also rep Alan); Isabel Wilson; Sandra James; Sam Rodger (also rep Perkins George Mawer and Co); Douglas Sellars; Mick Reilly; Rick Neil; Noreen Bradford; Mark Smith and Angie; David Dellar.