Right on cue! Pool team rakes it in for charity at Barkwith

An East Barkwith group who organised numerous charity events in May and June have raised a staggering £5,100 for Macmillan.

Neil Tereszczak, landlord of the Cross Roads Inn at East Barkwith, hosted a series of ‘March Madness’ events which finished with an impressive total of £2,744.

The inn was also the venue of a 24-hour charity pool marathon - undertaken by six regular players in a local league on Easter Saturday (April 15).

Having set out hoping to achieve a total of £1,000, the group smashed their total by almost double, bringing in a whopping £1,954.08.

Add in a few online sponsors - and a sponsored green hair dyeing - and the final total sits at £5,093.09 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Pool player David Ward, of East Barkwith Post Office, said he was ‘staggered’ by the ‘amazing support’.

He said: “People have been so generous and it’s been very worthwhile.

“It’s definitely something we’d do again. “

Sean Radley, who also undertook the pool playing challenge, said: “We started at midday and were treated to some live music and there were plenty of people about - time flew by and we were fed like kings!

“We hit a bit of a wall at around 8pm - but thinking of the cause kept us going.

“£5,000 is now the total to beat next time!”