Riders remember thankful few that returned from war

Thankful village
Thankful village

There are only 51 UK communities that saw men leave their village in the First World War and saw all those men come back.

Now a pair of motorcyclists are travelling nationwide as the centenary of the start of the war approaches.

Bigby is one of the so called ‘thankful villages’ that saw none of the men who were called up lost.

Medwyn Parry and Dougie Bancroft are touring each of these 51 villages as a 
mark of respect and on Thursday, August 2, stopped overnight in Caistor before visiting Bigby on Friday and setting off on the next stage of their journey.

The duo are riding for nine days, covering 2,500 miles, to all the thankful villages 
and raising £51,000 for the Royal British Legion along the way.

Dougie Bancroft said: “The trip has been a very humbling experience. Already we have done 1,600 miles to get to Bigby.”

Bigby Parish Clerk Stuart Davis said: “We are privileged to be part of this. I have been to the First World War battlefields and studied the war. Bigby is pleased to be associated with this and thankful that the men came back.”

The riders are members of the Motorcycle Action Group and also visited two other Lincolnshire villages, Minting and High Tointon.

Like Bigby these villages also have no war memorial. Funds collected along the way are being given to the Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes.

All thankful villages are receiving a plaque 
and certificate recording the cyclists visit and 
their participation in the scheme.

For more information go to http://thankfulvillagesrun.com/