Rev Mark’s bidding farewell

BARNETBY vicar the Rev Mark Batty is to leave the North Wolds Group of Parishes in September when he takes early retirement.

He has been vicar of Barnetby, Elsham, Brigg and Somerby for the past 17 years.

In more recent years he has also had a responsibility for Worlaby and Bonby parishes. Mr Batty’s last service is on Sunday September 2 at St Barnabas Church, Barnetby, at 10.30am.

Mark, with his wife Teresa, is to live in Bracebridge Heath, near Lincoln, when he retires.

Retirement ends 30 years of his ministry, having been ordained in Lincoln Cathedral in 1982.

Both his daughters, Roxanne and Louise, have grown up in the village, and both are now involved in charity work abroad. His son, Alex, died three years ago.