Report pigeon problems - public are urged

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Saturday 8am LOCAL residents are being asked to formally complain about the pigeon nuisance in Market Rasen in a bid to get Network Rail to recognise the problem.

West Lindsey Environmental Protection Officer Tony Adams said the railway company is to carry out another assessment of the bridge at Queen Street as part of its policy and procedures which must be done before any work to clear the nuisance of pigeon mess can be authorised.

"The last assessment found the pigeons did not present a 'statutory nuisance' but marginally so and the problem has since been reduced by virtue of removal of the bill boards," Mr Adams said.

He added that at the time of the previous assessment there was no visible problem and the case lacked specific numbers and details of complaints, many of which have come through the Town Council.

"I ask the town council ensures complaints regarding pigeons at this bridge are reported and where possible any unreported records of complaint are compiled and forwarded as soon as possible," Mr Adams said.

Residents have reported numerous incidents of slipping in pigeon mess and it being dropped on them by the flying pests.

The pigeon population has begun to decrease but remains a nuisance underneath both the Queen St and Chapel Street bridges.