Record number of students honoured at Caistor

Just some of the award winners at Caistor Grammar School
Just some of the award winners at Caistor Grammar School
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Caistor Grammar School held its annual Awards Evening in Caistor Parish Church, where more than 450 people attended to see almost 200 students honoured with the largest ever number of cups and awards.

Guest Speaker was Debbie Barnes, Director of Children’s Services in Lincolnshire at Lincolnshire County Council, who praised the school for its remarkable year of exceptional achievement and emphasised although the school had become an Academy, it still worked harmoniously with Lincolnshire Local Authority.

Head Girl Antonia Fielden (left) and Head Boy Matthew Walker (right) pictured with the platform party (centre) at the Caistor Grammar School Awards Evening From the left-John Colley, Chairman of Governors, Headmaster Roger Hale and Debbie Barnes, Director of Childrens Services for Lincolnshire County Council who presented the awards.

Head Girl Antonia Fielden (left) and Head Boy Matthew Walker (right) pictured with the platform party (centre) at the Caistor Grammar School Awards Evening From the left-John Colley, Chairman of Governors, Headmaster Roger Hale and Debbie Barnes, Director of Childrens Services for Lincolnshire County Council who presented the awards.

In his address, headmaster Roger Hale, emphasised the CGS community should seek to be as good as it could be and thus be “as a shining city upon a hill.”

He was concerned the School’s students develop as good, caring and contributing citizens as much as great scholars and superb athletes.

He felt this was always bound to be a “work in progress”, but that the School was achieving highly in this regard.

Mr Hale went on to praise this year’s A level students, who gained the best results in the School’s history.

Young awards winners Isabella Spilman, Kate Robinson, Aisling Stenton, Sophie McCulloch, Thomas Christie, Molly Matthews, Ailsa McTernan, Olivia Smith

Young awards winners Isabella Spilman, Kate Robinson, Aisling Stenton, Sophie McCulloch, Thomas Christie, Molly Matthews, Ailsa McTernan, Olivia Smith

These results have led CGS to lead Lincolnshire for the 11th year in succession in Government tables.

He also praised the School’s GCSE students where 100% gained 7A* to C passes including English, Maths and Science – what the School calls the diamond standard.

School prize list

Year 7: Attainment - Isabella Spilman, Jack Tasker, Sophie McCulloch, Laura Jackson, Thomas Christie, Robert Hewis, Isobelle White; Effort - Molly Matthews, Ailsa McTernan, Kate Robinson, Olivia Smith, Lydia Handsley, Aisling Stenton

Year 8: Attainment - Christel Bazoua, Phillipa Bradley, Emma Thomsen, Lucy Myshrall, Michelle Zietsman, Lauren Shale; Effort - Gabriella Clark, Dominiquea Clark, Holly Bignell, Georgia Metcalfe, Emily Johnson, Joseph Shipley

Year 9: Attainment - Caitlin Fotheringham, Ellie Hill, Bridie Salmon, Caroline Bassett, Michael Trueman, Quintin McGlone-Healey, Andrew McNeil; Effort - Megan Harding, Azreen Afzal, James Smith, Georgiana Bacon, Ojas Pradhan, Matthew O’Nions

Year 10: Attainment - Nadine Amin, Pollyanna Seamer, Isabella Chase, Rosie Tate, Harriet Haswell, Dilasha Gurung; Effort - Charles Kenny, Edward Kenny, John Asumang, Dylan Moss, Joanna Hood, Megan McKie

Potts Trophy for Individual Music - James Gillett, Caroline Bassett

Flunder Cup for Junior Mathematics - Daniel Jackson

Langues Vivantes Salver for German - Ryan Adamson

Langues Vivantes Salver for French - Megan Harding

Friends’ Cup for Junior RE - Caitlin Fotheringham

Jethwa Cup for History - Quintin McGlone-Healey

Peacock and Wooffindin Cup for Drama - Benjamin Etchell

Harling Cup for Junior Public Speaking - Thomas Christie

Harling Cup for the History Balloon Debate Competition Winner: - Orla Knowles

Lamming Cup for Diligence - Michelle Zietsman, Thomas Christie

Russell Orr Cup - Emily Brown

Year 11

Tyack Memorial Awards: Annabel May, Sreemoyee Ghosh, Alexandra McNeil, Sophie Thrippleton, Max Vasey, Oriane Lister, Remi Simpson, Ben Stacey, Benjamin Walkling, Sophie Hollows, Danielle McHale, Kate Pattison, Sheehan Quirke

The English Cup - Laura Suddaby

Sam Williams Cup (Mathematics) - Sreemoyee Ghosh

The Carr Cup for Science - Alexandra McNeil

The History Cup - Annabel May

The German Cup - Sheehan Quirke

Ruffell-Ward Prize for Art - Steven Boden

Headmaster’s Cup for Music - Ellie Robey

JW Ashley-Smith Cup for Latin - Annabel May

Mary Audus Cup for RE - George Kirkby

Carl Watson Cup for Progress in Design & Technology - Owen Hornsby

Caistor Town Council Cup for Excellence in GCSE Design and Technology - Phoebe Atkin

The Hunter Cup for PE - Benjamin Lee

PE Progress Cup - Sheehan Quirke

Livings Cup for Improvement in French - Olivia Sowerby

Dale Cup for ICT - Oriane Lister

Personal Achievement Cup - Nadina Green

Judith Howitt Cup - Bethany Laverick


Tennyson Shield for Citizenship - Rebecca Jex

Caistor Crusaders’ Team Building Award - Oriane Lister

Friends’ Cup for Mentoring - Elysha Thompson, Connor Spence

Harling Cup for Senior Public Speaking - Bethany Laverick, Natasha Francis

Chess Cup - Peter Taylor

Headmaster’s Award for Leadership - Leah Altoft, Emily Hood, Eleanor Robertson

Lifetime Contribution to Caistor Focus - Kal Alcock-Murtagh, Joshua Goodburn, Benedict Harris, Hugh Phipps, Fiona Smith, Megan Thompson

Richardson-Eames Cup for Outstanding Performance: Jan Chauhan, Georgina Cole, Kellan Masharani, Jak Pickerden, Stanley Selden, James Smith, Luke Wakeman

The Maxine Jackson Trophy for Moral Courage - Talia Herron, William Grayson, Thomas Mead

Lower Sixth

John Kenneth Mason Awards: Eilish Brown, Martha Goulding, Jin Jin Guo, Harrison Holland, Edward Jeavons, Daniel Kent, Chloe Legard, Samuel Lomax, Jed Maliyil, Philip Moseley, Dominic Ryan, Eloise Thuey, Matthew Walker

David Fletcher Cup (Mathematics) - Eloise Thuey

Ruffell-Ward Cup for History - Daniel Kent

Young Enterprise Cup - Philip Moseley

Cartwright Cup - Daniel Jacklin

Oxspring Cup for Drama - Emily Hood

Headmaster’s Cup for Drama - Fiona Lamaudiere

Young Ambassadors for Sport - Georgia Moody, Harriet Salmon, Alex Padley, Barnaby Seamer

Upper Sixth

Reverend Preston Cup - Jack Robinson, Joseph Ross

Davies Memorial Prizes - Kal Alcock-Murtagh, Benjamin Smith, Latta Chauhan, Natasha Crosby, Elizabeth May, Hugh Phipps, Thomas Watson, Leah Altoft, Digby Sowerby, Benedict Harris

Capper Memorial Prizes - Henry McTernan, Daniel Watson, Mary Jose

Panigrahi Cup for English - Megan Thompson

Rachel Lofts Cup for Mathematics - Jack Robinson

Fell Cup for Biology - Latta Chauhan

Dickinson Cup for Physics - Ellis Taylor

Briscoe Cup for Chemistry - Mary Jose

Gorbutt Cup for Design Technology - Oliver Fairclough

Coxon Salver for Modern Languages - Natasha Crosby

Bishop King Cup for RE - Nathan Davis

Rigby Cup for Classics - Henry McTernan, Caitlin O’Brien

Slater Cup for History - Joseph Ross

Lewis Cup for Physical Geography - Emma Lynch

Butler Cup for Human Geography - Joseph Ross

Coppin Cup for Politics - Benjamin Smith

Sheppard Cup for Art - Natasha Crosby

Governors’ Cup for Music - Eleanor Thompson

Zernike Cup for ICT - Jack Goudie

Harvey Cup - Emily Barrett

Headmaster’s Cup for Secretary to The School Council: Mary Jose, Kal Alcock-Murtagh

Headmaster’s Cup for Head Girl - Sophie Manson

Headmaster’s Cup for Head Boy - Oliver Fairclough

Headmaster’s Cup for Deputy Head Girl - Ava Hodson

Headmaster’s Cup for Deputy Head Boy - Hugh Phipps

Dick Hudson Cup - Nathan Davis

House Cups

Senior Public Speaking Competition - Rawlinson

Michel Cup for Drama (Junior) - Hansard

Mutimer Cup for Drama (Senior) - Ayscough

Junior House Music Cup - Hansard

Senior House Music Cup - Ayscough

Merit Trophy - Hansard

House Shield - Hansard

School Commendations:

For being School Counsellors in Year 2012-2013: Thomas Watson, Jay Robinson, Fiona Smith, Rosie Hewis, Molly Oczeretnyj, Megan Thompson, Megan Thody, Zoe Doughty, Emma Lynch, Emily Hood, Caitlin O’Brien, Annabelle Ram, Elysha Thompson, Samuel Offler, Liseli Sumbwanyambe, Robert Mitchard, Nathan Davis, Ellis Taylor, Jack Goudie, Latta Chauhan, Alexander Elder, Matthew Kielan, Mary Jose, Hugh Phipps, Oliver Fairclough

For being on the School Council in Year 2012-2013: Charlie Maxson, Joseph Laverick, Isobel White, Sammy Braben, Adam Pountney, William Chico, Grace Kendrew, James Smith, Bryony Bower, Nadine Amin, Charlie Hewis, Dilasha Gurung, Ben Stacey, John Holland, Frances Hodson, Adam Robinson, Dominic Ryan, Matthew Colley, Antonia Feilden, Oliver Fairclough, Hugh Phipps, Mary Jose, Sophie Manson, Ava Hodson, Kal Alcock-Murtagh

For being on the Sixth Form Council in Year 2012-2013: Matthew Walker, Georgia Moody, Dominic Ryan, Liam McHale, Sam Fenwick, Emma Bullock-Lynch, Eloise Webb, Robert Mitchard, Harrison Holland, Jin Jin Guo

For gaining Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award: David Sadler, Jack Wolseley, Chelsea Hamilton, Samuel Offler,

Thomas Watson, Benedict Harris, Sean Guggiari, Alice Kaye

For gaining Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award: Matthew Colley, Bryony George, Oliver Godfrey, Martha Goulding, Jin Jin Guo, Alexander Hibbert, Devon Hill, Daniel Jacklin, Daniel Kent, Chloe Legard, Samuel Lomax, Emily Mackin, Emmeline Pinion, James Travis, Matthew Walker, Charlotte Bell, Harriet Salmon, Adam Robinson, Mohanad Metwally

For gaining Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award: Joseph Allerston, Daniel Barnard, Tobias Bartlett, Steven Boden, Sophie Botham, Caitlin Bower, Hannah Bowker, Katherine Briggs, George Burton-Fletcher, Curtis Button, Lucy Chaplin, Matthew Colley, Abbie-Rae Cowling, Robert Cowling, Nathan Davis, Lauren Debnam,

William Dingwall, Zoe Doughty, Sally Dowman, Roxanne Emms, Matthew Field, Ella Fraser, Bethan Gardner-Fletcher, Edward Gilliatt, Rosemary Gillman, Faith Hamilton, Rosie Hewis, John Holland, Sophie Hollows, Mollie Horton, Elizabeth Jackson, Roseanne James, George Kirkby, Macorley Langmaid, Jed Maliyil, Annabel May, Danielle McHale, Alexandra McNeil, Liam Pettinger, Emmeline Pinion, Isabella Polledri, Ashleigh Robertson, Ellie Robey, Tyler Roy, Bethany Searle, Jessica Smith, Connor Spence, Ben Stacey,

William Sutton, Madeleine Tennant, Luke Thompson, Sophie Thrippleton, Rachel Twomey, Alex Wakeman, Benjamin Walkling, Rhys Williams, Liam Zingraf

For being involved in the Shine 2012 School Media Awards: Joshua Goodburn, Kal Alcock-Murtagh, Benedict Harris, Fiona Smith, Daniel Watson, Charlotte Lamb, Megan Thompson, Natasha Crosby, Amelia Fairfield, Eilish Brown, Matthew Walker, Daniel Jacklin, Matthew Colley, Megan Cook, Connor Spence, Annabel May,

Bethany Laverick, Natasha Francis, Francesca Altoft, Matthew Crown, Grace Glevey, Grace Swaby-Moore, Shelley Barker, George Dray, Megan Harding Max McCulloch, James Smith, Emily Brown, Michael Trueman, Stanley Seldon, Chad Dawson, Jak Pickerden, Powly Wijayaratna, Michelle Zietsman, Laura Johnson, Angus Haswell, Thomas Christie

For being awarded certificates for the REF Ideal Awards (Respect, Excellence, Friendship): Ailsa McTernan, Thomas Christie, Jessica Jex, Molly Matthews, Caroline Bassett, James Smith, Saskia Garner, Jack Tasker, Oliver Marshall, Arjun Menon, Emma Thomsen, Grace McGrory, Michael Trueman, Ellie Hill, Georgina Cole, Jack Mallinson, Isabelle White, Laura Jackson, Philipa Bradley, Michelle Zietsman, Joseph Shipley, Holly Horton, Megan Harding, Jessica Bowen

Caroline Bassett - For being a member of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain Senior Girls’

Choir, and the Lincolnshire Youth String Chamber Orchestra

Daniel Bassett - For being a member of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain Cambiata


Caroline Bassett, Daniel Basset, Leonie Brummitt, Thomas Christie, Ailsa McTernan, Ellie Robey,

Alexander Sedman and Rachel Twomey - For being members of the Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra

Steven Boden - For winning the Patron’s Choice Award at the Lincolnshire Film Awards (LAFTAs)

Samuel Braben - For participating in the Junior Mathematics Olympiad

Eilish Brown, Martha Kent, Adam Robinson - For gaining prestigious places in the UK-German Connection Summer School

William Chico - For being runner up in the Young Environmentalist of the Year, being involved in

the Liter of Light Project and presenting to David Bellamy and the Grimsby Havelock Rotary Club

Thomas Childerhouse and Ellis Taylor - For gaining a place on the TATA Steel Engineering Experience

Sarah Clark, Saskia Garner, Daniel Jackson, Olivia West - For gaining second place in the Regional Heat of the Junior Team Mathematics Challenge

Esme Coultas - For being highly commended in the Step into the NHS Schools’ competition

George Dray, Frederick Holmes, Ryan Laycock - For their work with the 4 x 4 Landrover Jaguar Challenge and becoming Regional Winners

Christopher Durham - For taking part in the National Cycling Road Time Trials

James Edmondson-Jones, Rosemary Gillman, Faith Hamilton, Sophie Hollows, Ashleigh Robertson, Olivia Sowerby, Aidan Watts, Rhys Williams - For completing their National Citizenship Service

James Gillett and Darcie Jago - For gaining a place at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music

Jin Jin Guo and Daniel Jacklin - For reaching the Regional Final of the English Speaking Union Mace Public Speaking Competition

James Heald, Jack Robinson, James Travis,Eloise Thuey - For winning the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge Regional heat and participating in the National Final in London

Charlie Hewis, Dylan Moss, Matthew Travis, Benjamin Tuckley - For participating in the Northern Final of the Year 10 Team Mathematics Challenge

Alexander Hibbert, Daniel Jacklin, Edward Jeavons, Chloe Legard, Samuel Lomax - For achieving a Bronze Award in the RSC Chemistry Olympiad

Grace Howe - For producing the winning film at the Lincolnshire Film Awards (LAFTAs)

Daniel Jackson and Ojas Pradhan - For achieving merits in the Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad

Darcie Jago - For becoming an Associate Member of the Junior Halle Orchestra

John Jose - For achieving a merit in the Intermediate Mathematics ‘Kangaroo’ competition

Daniel Kent and Jordan Spence - For their work on the Auschwitz Trip and their presentation to Macauley Primary Academy School

Bethany Laverick - For winning ‘Best Chairperson’ Award at the English Speaking Union, Lincolnshire,


Quintin McGlone-Healey - For gaining a distinction and winning the Year 9 and Under Brass Section at the

Lincoln Music and Drama Festival

Alexandra McAdam, Katie Reddish and Emma Thomsen - For being in the winning team in the English Department’s Y7/8 Public Speaking Competition

Quintin McGlone-Healey and Alexander Ross - For being members of the Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra (Aviation)

Ailsa McTernan and Alexander Sedman - For being members of the Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Concert Orchestra

Kate Pattison: - For winning a bronze medal for discus in the UK School Games

Rosie Pettinger - For being runner up in the Regional Final of the Future Chef Competition

Jack Robinson - For achieving a distinction in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 and participating in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2 and for achieving Gold in the RSC Chemistry Olympiad

Chelsea Skelton - For her success in the GB Elite Showjumping Show at Aintree winning the Newcomers Senior Class

Ben Stacey - For winning ‘Best Personality’ Award at the English Speaking Union, Lincolnshire, Final

Grace Swaby-Moore - For having the honour to dance at Buckingham Palace

Luke Thompson - For successfully achieving an Arkwright Scholarship for Year 12/13

Eloise Thuey - For being one of only twelve students in Europe selected to attend a Mathematics Summer School in Boston, USA. For participating in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1. For achieving Silver in the RSC Chemistry Olympaid

Rachel Twomey - For becoming a member of the Yorkshire Young Musicians and Lead Cellist with Lincolnshire Symphony Orchestra

Harry Williams - For being the World Silver Fleet Sailing Champion

Godfrey Warmoth (Our School Cat) - For much service, including staying over in the Staff Room at our Y7 Sleepover

Leadership Awards

Level 2 Leadership Award (CSLA) - Charlotte Bell, Henry Gillott, Blythe Holland, Georgia Moody, Alex Padley, Eleanor Parkinson, Harriet Salmon, Liam Skipworth, Tom Smith

Level 1 Leadership Award (JSLA) - Christopher Allan, Francesca Altoft, Phoebe Atkin, Daniel Barnard,

Tobias Bartlett, Polly Bennett, Samual Boden, Steven Boden, Sophie Botham, Caitlin Bower, Hannah Bowker, Katherine Briggs, George Burton-Fletcher, Curtis Button, Harry Capstick, Lucy Chaplin, Matthew Coulson, Robert Cowling, Antonia Davey, Lauren Debnam, William Dingwall, Jack Edwards, Kyle Ellerbeck, Roxanne Emms, Matthew Field, Natasha Francis, Ella Fraser, Bethan Gardner-Fletcher, Sreemoyee Ghosh, Edward Gilliatt, Rosemary Gillman, Nadina Green, Faith Hamilton, Christopher Hanley, Sharlotte Harpur, Elizabeth Herring, Frances Hodson, John Holland, Sophie Hollows, Owen Hornsby, Mollie Horton, Grace Howe, Alyshia Humphreys, Roseanne James, Mollie Johnson, George Kirkby, Bethany Laverick, Benjamin Lee, Oriane Lister, Max Longden, George Lovell, Holly Marris, Annabel May, Alexandra McNeil, Kate Pattison, Liam Pettinger,

Noah Phillips, Marcus Polledri, Isabella Polledri, Georgia Pope, William Pope, Sheehan Quirke, Jake Redgate-Large, Ashleigh Robertson, Hannah Robey, Bethany Searle, Cordelia Sheridan, Remi Simpson, Chelsea Skelton, Jessica Smith, Olivia Sowerby, Ben Stacey, Laura Suddaby, Vivek Suresh Babu, William Sutton, Henry Tasker, Madeleine Tennant, Luke Thompson, Sophie Thrippleton, Max Vasey, Charles Vernam, Benjamin Walkling, Ryan Ward, Aidan Watts

International Ambassadors - Matthew Colley, Sally Dowman, Devon Hill, Lucy Hoggard, Blythe Holland,

Daniel Jacklin, Daniel Kent, Chloe Legard, Emily Mackin, Jed Maliyil, Liam McHale, Georgia Moody, Tyler Roy, Barnaby Seamer, Connor Spence, Eleanor Thornalley, Eloise Thuey, Rachel Twomey, Matthew Walker,

Thomas Wood, Eilish Brown, Adam Robinson, Sonia Chauhan

Young Enterprise - Emily Beadle, Eilish Brown, Adam Butterfield, Matthew Colley, George Cordery, Ella Cox, Sally Dowman, Jade Follows, Devon Hill, Daniel Jacklin, Harrison Holland, James Lloyd, Liam McHale, Adele Mackay, Emily Mackin, Philip Moseley, Roisin Mumby, Charlotte Paling, Ruby Tupling, Matthew Walker, Natasha Armstrong, Megan Cook, Joseph Eyre, Emily Foster, Jin Jin Guo, Martha Goulding, Alexander Hibbert, Edward Jeavons, Samuel Lomax, Lauren McKitton, Mohanad Metwally, Sarah Miles, Adam Osmond, Billy Smith, Jordan Spence, James Travis, Tom Wood

Literacy Leaders - Megan Harding, Grace Kendrew, Ellie Hall, Theo Flanagan, Luke Wakeman, Carys Lynch, Agnes Kalarus, Anna Stacey, Emily Brown

Maths Leaders - Azreen Afzal, Georgiana Bacon, Sally Belcher, Jan Chauhan, Sarah Clark, Molly Craig, Kellan Masharani, Georgia McHale, Jak Pickerden, Nisha Pungi

UKMT Maths Challenges

Junior Golds: Year 7 - James Kennan, Joshua Morris, Laura Brady, Kacper Dworski, Peter Taylor, Shannon Preston, Emma Lunn, Gavin Wu, Daniel Bassett, James McBain, Thomas Christie; Year 8 - Samual Braben, Kezzia Dennis, Lilian Coultas, Andrew Waite, Saskia Garner, Oliver Spence, Lucy Myshrall, Lee Thompson, Louis Debnam, Lauren Shale, Chartlie Bowtle, Alex Goodburn, Omar Khaled, James Kennan

Intermediate Golds: Year 9 - Daniel Jackson, Ojas Pradhan, Sarah Clark, Sally Belcher; Year 10 - Harry Williams, Charles Hewis, Ryan Frosdick, Joshua Rabin-Smith, Dylan Moss, Matthew Travis, George Dray; Year 11 - John Jose, Rhys Williams, William Buckingham

Senior Golds: Year 11 - John Jose; Year 12 - Samuel Lomax, Billy Smith; Year 13 - Jack Robinson, James Heald, Samuel Offler, Matthew Kielan

Modern Foreign Language Leaders - Benjamin Tuckley, Claire Nicholson, Charles Hewis, William Walker, Matthew Crown, Rebecca Jex, Nadine Amin, Rawan Jaibaji, Joanna Hood, Anna Kent, Martha Kent, Leonie Brummitt, Rachel Robinson, Rosie Tate, Isabella Chase, Emily Close, Yasmin Cheour

Sports Trophies and Awards


House Championship - Hansard

Wilson Cup - Harry Spencer

Todd Cup - Jake Redgate-Large

Junior Cup - Paul Clark

Colours - Jake Redgate-Large, Marcus Polledri, Curtis Button, Christopher Hanley, Harry Capstick, Sheehan Quirke

Professional Club - Nadina Green (Lincoln), Nadina Green (Captain of Lincolnshire County Squad) Charles Vernam (Derby County), Jacob Norburn (Grimsby Town), Paul Clark (Scunthorpe United), Jack Wilson (Doncaster Rovers), Jack Tasker (Scunthorpe United)

U16 Boys 2nd in Wolds Zone League

U14 Boys 3rd in Wolds Zone League

U13 Boys 4th in Wolds Zone League

U12 Winners of the Superzone Indoor Tournament

U12 4th in the Winter School Games Tournament

U14 Boys reached the Semi-Final of the County Cup

U15 Boys reached the Final of the County Cup and were runners up


Preston Shield - Ella Fraser

Colours: Phoebe Atkin, Polly Bennett, Remi Simpson, Ella Fraser, Olivia Sowerby, Nadina Green, Hannah Bowker

U16 Girls 2nd in Superzone Tournament

U16 Girls 3rd in County Hockey Tournament


House Championship - Hansard

Ben Jacob Cup - Matthew Travis

Colours - Harry Capstick, Henry Tasker, Max Longden

County Representation - Harry Capstick, Matthew Travis, Henry Tasker, Thomas Rollinson, Harry Cearnes, Jack Nilsson, Jack Tasker, Andrew McNeil, George Gillott


Preston Shield - Jack Goudie

Colours - Matthew Field, Samuel Boden, Max Longden, John Holland, Tobias Bartlett, Andrew McNeil, Samuel Pace

U14 Boys reached the Quarter Finals of the County Tournament

County Representation - Andrew McNeil, Samuel Pace, William Sutton

Three Counties Representation - William Sutton

Regional Representation - William Sutton (Midlands and Leicester Tigers)

England Representation - William Sutton


Overall Girls House Trophy - Hansard

Caistor Netball Club Trophy - Olivia Sowerby

Colours: Olivia Sowerby, Kate Pattison, Nadina Green, Ella Fraser, Holly Marris, Phoebe Atkin, Frances Hodson, Remi Simpson, Sophie Botham, Alexandra McNeil, Alyshia Humphreys, Polly Bennett

Qualified Beginner Netball Umpires - Rosie Tate, Eleanor Brook, Harriett Haswell, Holly Marris, Matthew Travis, Harry Plaskitt, Tom Wells, Luke Gray, Timothy Steward, Samuel Hamill, Jack Servat, George Duckitt, Daniel Griffiths, Charlie Bates, Oliver Mansfield, Lewis Atkin, Jacob Norburn, Harry Brocklesby, Jacob Eyre, Pollyanna Seamer, Benjamin Raby, Claire Nicholson, John Asumang, Isabella Chase, Sophie Cragg, Alex Lusby, Grace Swaby-Moore, Aidan Altoft

Lincolnshire Netball Academy Development Squad - U14 Jessica Edwards, Grace McGrory, Lauren Shale, Tiegan Everett, Bridie Salmon; U16 Ellie Hill, Isabella Chase, Rosie Tate, Pollyanna Seamer, Abigail Baldwin,

Harriet Haswell, Eleanor Brook

Regional Representation - U17 Pollyanna Seamer, Rosie Tate, Olivia Sowerby, Harriett Haswell

Regional Trials - U17 Eleanor Brook

Regional Performance Academy - U17 Pollyanna Seamer, Rosie Tate

U16 Girls 1st in Wolds Netball League

U15 Girls 1st in Wolds Netball League

U14 Girls 2nd in Wolds Netball League

U13 Girls 2nd in Wolds Netball League

U18 Girls 5th in Superzone Netball Tournament

U16 Girls A Team finished 1st in Superzone Netball Tournament and B Team finished 3rd

U14 Girls 3rd in Superzone Netball Tournament

U16 Girls 1st in County Netball Tournament, 1st in Regional Tournament and finished 8th in the National Finals

U16 Girls 2nd in Sports Colleges Netball Tournament Round 1, finished 1st in Round 2 and finished 2nd at the National Sports Colleges Netball Finals


House Championship - Hansard

Taylor Trophy - Marcus Polledri

Keating Trophy - Olivia Sowerby

Colours - Marcus Polledri, Charles Vernam, Ryan Ward, Aidan Watts, Olivia Sowerby, Remi Simpson


Boys House Championship - Rawlinson

Girls House Championship - Rawlinson

Individual Championship Cup Winners - Year 7 Lucy Wilson, Alexander Knox; Year 8 Imogen Smith, Holly Mottram, Sam Redgate-Large, Zak Capp; Year 9 Bridie Salmon, Holly Horton, Paul Clark, George Gillott; Year 10 Pollyanna Seamer, Rosie Tate, John Asumang, Rory Armstrong

Colours - Kate Pattison, Olivia Sowerby, Sophie Hollows, Alexandra McNeil, Nadina Green, William Sutton, Charles Vernam, Matthew Field, Owen Hornsby, George Kirkby, Christopher Hanley, Jake Redgate-Large

Individual Trials Superzone Representation - Junior Girls Y8/9 Holly Horton; Junior Boys Y8/9 Chad Dawson; Intermediate Girls Y10/11 Kate Pattison, Isabella Chase, Rosie Tate, Harriet Haswell; Senior Girls Y12/13 Leah Altoft; Senior Boys Y12/13 Henry McTernan

Individual Trials County Representation - Kate Pattison (discus)

Individual Trials Anglian Representation:

Kate Pattison (Discus)

Combined Events - Holly Horton

Superzone Athletics Championships - Girls Y7—3rd Y8—3rd Y9—2nd Y10—1st Overall 1st; Boys Y7—1st Y8—3rd Y9—Joint 1st Y10—1st Overall 1st

Overall 1st Superzone Champions of Division A for 5 consecutive years. A special cup has been created to mark this feat. (Collected by Rosie Tate and John Asumang)

English Schools Athletics Track and Field Cup - Intermediate Girls Team (Y9 and 10) Qualified for Regional A Final and finished 3rd; Intermediate Boys Team (Y9 and 10): Qualified for Regional B

Cross Country

Boys House Championship - Rawlinson

Girls House Championship - Hansard

Armitage Cup - Harry Brocklesby

Nickerson Cup for Girls - Pollyanna Seamer

Nickerson Cup for Boys - Paul Clark

Girls Intermediate Cup - Holly Horton

Green Cup - Jack Tasker

Linsell Cup - Jessica Jex

Colours - Polly Bennett, Caitlin Bower, Remi Simpson, Ella Fraser

Lincolnshire Schools Representation - Junior Boys (Y8 and 9) Paul Clark; Junior Girls (Y8 and 9) Holly Horton, Jessica Bowen; Intermediate Boys (Y10/11) Harry Brocklesby; Intermediate Girls Team (Y10/11) Ella Fraser, Polly Bennett, Pollyanna Seamer, Rosie Tate, Sophie Cragg, Joanna Hood, Remi Simpson; Senior Girls (Y12/13) Charlotte Bell; Senior Boys (Y12/13) Henry McTernan, Dominic Ryan

County Qualifiers - Pollyanna Seamer, Ella Fraser, Sophie Cragg, Charlotte Bell, Henry McTernan, Dominic Ryan


Overall House Basketball - Not held this year

Colours - William Sutton, Owen Hornsby, Benjamin Lee, Matthew Field, Marcus Polledri, Charles Vernam, Olivia Sowerby, Kate Pattison, Nadina Green, Remi Simpson, Holly Marris, Phoebe Atkin, Sophie Botham

Y11 Girls 1st in Superzone Basketball Tournament

Y10 Girls 1st in Superzone Basketball GTournament

Y9 Girls finished joint 1st in Superzone Basketball Tournament


Overall House Rounders - Rawlinson

Colours - Olivia Sowerby, Nadina Green, Kate Pattison, Remi Simpson, Phoebe Atkin, Ella Fraser, Sophie Botham, Lauren Cocking, Alyshia Humphreys, Holly Marris

Y10 Girls 2nd in Wolds Rounders Tournament

Y9 Girls 2nd in Wolds Rounders Tournament

Y8 Girls 4th in Wolds Rounders Tournament

Y7 Girls 2nd in Wolds Rounders Tournament

U16 National Trials - Olivia Sowerby, Kate Pattison, Nadina Green, Pollyanna Seamer, Isabella Chase

School Games Representative Teams: U12 Boys Fusbal 5-a-side team; U14 Girls Tag Rugby Team; Y7 Boys and Girls, Super 8 Athletics

Overall PE

Clilverd Cup - Nadina Green

Brooking Cup - Charles Vernam

Creedy Cup - Georgia Moody

Harry Taylor Cup - Alex Padley