Rebecca Catherine Wells


The Rev Anne Coates and the Rev Andrew Lomax officated at the service of thanksgiving in North Kelsey Chapel for the life of Rebecca Catherine (Becky) Wells, aged 20 years, landlady of the Queens Head, North Kelsey Moor.

Becky was born at Scunthopre.

She attended Kelsey primary School and Caistor Yarborough Schools, before for going on to Lincoln College for a diploma in Catering and Hospitality.

She was also a member of Brigg Young Farmers.

Arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Rowdy and Catherine Wells (parents); Katie (sister); Jim Bob (brother); Ken and Margaret Knapton (grandparents); Kathleen Wells (grandmother); Mr and Mrs T Wilkinson, Mr an Mrs M Hall, Sarah Knapton and B Faulkner, Mr and Mrs G Wells, Mrs D Wells, A Wells, Mr and Mrs M Cook (aunties and uncles); T Wells, J Wells, K Wells, D Faulkner, G Cook (cousins); Mr and Mrs J Mills; Mr and Mrs T Knapton; Robert Coupland; H Buckley; W Buckley; T Hoyes; A Dunn.

Friends at the service were: Chris and Sue York; Mick and Jean Foster; Matthew Holmes; Jess Dannett; Natasha Young; Amanda Dunn (also rep Chloe); Steven Drury; Mrs M Dunn; Jane North (also rep Adam North); Dave Boyles (also rep the family); John Grantham; John Knapton (also rep Joanne, Imogen, Andrew, Debbie and Lily); Chris and Rachel Binnion (also rep Paddy Atkinson); Christine Robinson; June Parrott; Fiona Evans (also rep the family); S and L Peach; Marion Black (also rep Noel Black); John Harwood; Janet and Steve Shepherd; Michael Radley; Kim Bowers; Will Pinney; Bethany Frith; Mick Young; Alan Hooker; Jayne Howard; the Rev A Lomax; Mr and Mrs G Gouldsbra (also rep Hayley from The Dresser); S Thomas; Sharon Grundy (also rep George and Arthur Gissing); Yvonne Walston; Ben Wright; Jonathan Turner; Chris Batchelor; Tom Wells (also rep Hannah Wells, Lizzie Coulson); Martin and Kate Gregory; Sarah Meunzberg; Nigel Woodcock (also rep Pat Woodcock); Leona Woodcock; D Kerr; Lisa Kireia; Margaret Flippance (also rep Hedley Audiss); Alan Cressey (also rep Maureen, Adrian and Jonathan Cressey); David Birch; Pat Johnson-Ross; Bill Smith; Geoff Smith; Tom and Juliet Scott; Rob and Margaret Dinsdale (also rep Robert Dinsdale Jnr); Edward Brewster (also rep Colin Rust, Faye Hume); Jade Railton; Jill Sellers; Katie Hodson; Carol and Darren White (also rep Elliott Borrill, Myra White); Lauren Jacques; Chloe Wood (also rep Whistle and Flute); Georgina Wood; Heather Bunker (also rep Kirton Lindsey Methodist Church); Jane and Michael Sheard; Janet and Pete Graves; Felicity Doughty (also rep Claire and Heath Goodhand); Chris Marshall; Shaun Cooney; David Wood; Lynn Altoft; Sophie Altoft; Scott Hand; Pete Barton; Rob Maultby; Hazel Broad; Sarah Broad; Helen James; David Burton; Dave and Margaret Beavis (also rep Ben); Lee and Laura Pickering; Susan Pettinger; Angela Marchant; Martin Healey; Bob McEwan; The Skelton family; Mr and Mrs W Hankins (unable to attend); Diana Hickling; Claire Balderson; David Dunn; Teresa Coupland; Becky Towers; Mrs L Dunn (also rep James Dunn; Tom and Catherine); Patrick and Jane Hooker; Lizzie Balderson; A Pywell; Sandra Parker (also rep all the family); Mrs J Sheardown (also rep Brian, Mr and Mrs R Hall, Mrs G Rawlins and also North Kelsey WI); Mrs J Wilson (also rep I Wilson); Mrs J Wilson; E Wilson; Mark Wilson; L Hilton; Mr and Mrs R East; W East; E Harwood; Mrs R Cross; V E Plaskitt; Mr and Mrs Howard (also rep A Howard); Mr and Mrs T Ringrose; Mr R Cox (also rep D Cox); Miss R Chatterton; A Walker; Miss S Crosbie; Miss C Cooper; I Crosbie; Alison Cousins; D Balderson (also rep J Blackburn); Nick and Lesley Balderson; A Wade; S Wilkinson; K Wade; Hayley Smith; Mr and Mrs P Brian; Mr Tutty (also rep Mrs Tutty); K and V Knapton (also rep the family); M North; A Wright; N and R Logan (also rep Zoe East); Miss Shortland (also rep Mrs Burnett); L Horstwood (also rep the Dent and Horstwood families); E Horstwood (also rep D Horstwood); Mr and Mrs G Wells; Mrs C Grundy (also rep Mr C Grundy); M Buckley (also rep Janet and Stuart Buckley); C Parrott; M and L Lethbridge (also rep K and D Lethbridge); G Wilkinson (also rep the family); J Elkington and Sue Elkington; Derwin Kerr; Mick Wilson; Mr and Mrs A Gregory; E Stark; Sharon Dennis (also rep Kelsey School); M Molyneux; B Boothman; C Ellis; A Shepherd; E Saxton; S and C Hadrell; C and E Lingard; Kelsey Lingard; Mr and Mrs D Jackson; L Richardson; H Steer; N Knapton (also rep R Knapton); Herbert and Marion and Helen Whitelam; Tom Peach; W White; I London (also rep Ann-Marie London); H Rylatt; R Blackburn; K Clements (also rep the family); Mrs J McKenzie; Martin Smith and Karen Abson; Sally Clayton (also rep Ian Clayton); J Clayton (also rep Mick Clayton); Robin Patrick; Charlie Thompson; Martin Hickling (also rep the family); R Dawson; W Wells and K Wells; Les Green; Mel and Steph Hand; Dale and Lewis Oades; G Starling (also rep C Starling); N Annion and L Annion; John Pyle (also rep Lisa Pyle and also Rothwell Shoot); Russell Dawson; George Bentley Brown; Dale Green; Jim and Heather Ingus; J Baker and M Haylock.