Reap the benefits of education

MOST people can remember their time at school or college, and some are even still in touch with friends they made during their time there.

It can be difficult at first, adapting to new surroundings, but the changes stay with you years after you leave.

One of the best things about a new school or college is the chance to start over and join in with all the extra activities that come along.

Most schools run clubs or teams for all kinds of sports or activities and there’s something there for everyone, whatever their interests.

So if you fancy trying your hand at a game of rugby, playing a new instrument, developing your chess-playing skills, or just finding people who like the same books as you do, there will be an opportunity for it.

An extra-curricular activity helps a person to find a new hobby and new friends.

Teachers are all too happy to point you in the right direction of whichever club or team suits you best.

Your teacher or tutor will be able to help you fit the activities around your studies and give you any advice you need.

Joining in and making the most of your experience will hold you in good stead in later life.

It is a great way of building confidence and growing as a person.

And the benefits that come with learning new skills help in all walks of life, not just education.

Learn life’s lessons by taking part and making the most of new experiences.