Rasen web among fastest


Broadband in Market Rasen is among the fastest in Britain, according to a national survey.

King Street was reported to enjoy average download speeds of 59Mbps in the survey by uSwitch.com, the price comparison website.

According to the research, based on more than one million speed tests run by broadband users over six months, a third (34%) of the UK still struggles with sub 5Mbps speeds, while an unlucky 23% make do with sluggish speeds of less than 3Mbps.

In the uSwitch Top 30, Market Rasen broadband is not the fastest in Lincolnshire. Rasen was ranked 14th in the country with Alexandra Court in Skegness enjoying the county’s fastest broadband, with average download speeds of 68.19Mbps, making it sixth fastest overall.

Nationally, the country’s fastest broadband was found at Sandy Lane, Hatherton, Cannock, Staffordshire, with a speed of 72.86 Mbps.

The UK’s slowest street for broadband was Williamson Road, Lydd-on-Sea, Kent, with a speed of 0.535 Mbps.