Rasen parking ticket machines remain out of action

Damage to the Mill Road parking machine EMN-171227-112914001
Damage to the Mill Road parking machine EMN-171227-112914001
  • Councillor brands damage as ‘ unacceptable’

West Lindsey District Council has been left counting the cost after vandals ripped apart four car park ticket machines in Market Rasen.

The damage was caused over the festive period to machines owned by the district council- two in John Street, one each in Mill Road and the Festival Hall.

The district council says it cannot put a figure on the damage or the cost of repairs.

They say they are still investigating the incidents and waiting for a report from an engineer.

The damage has been reported to Lincolnshire Police.

According to eye witnesses, the bottom panels of the machines were ripped off, leaving wires exposed.

It is understood no money was taken.

A Market Rasen district councillor described the damage as ‘totally unacceptable.’

The machines were out of action over Christmas and New Year, potentially two of the most lucrative times of the year in terms of car park income.

The district council came under fire after introducing parking charges in Rasen for the first time 12 months ago.

The machines had to be upgraded again in December to allow for two hours free parking.

It is not the first time the parking machines have been damaged.

However, it’s understood the latest incident is being attributed to vandalism rather than any protest action.

District councillor Thomas Smith said: “Such actions are completely unacceptable and will accomplish absolutely nothing, only further costs to the taxpayer as the machines now have to be repaired following the attack.

“I hope that those responsible are found and brought to book for their actions.”

Although the machines are still not operational, the panels have been put back in place.

When the Rasen Mail went to press yesterday (Tuesday) lunchtime, the machines remained out of action, meaning parking was free.

Following initial reports of the damage, the council sent out an officer to assess the machines.

A spokesman the district council said: “Rest assured, residents can be confident that the council are investigating the situation.”

The spokesman confirmed the council was working with the police to try and track down those responsible.

Facebook users aired their views on the damage.

Belinda Tyler said: “Well done (not) to whoever did this. Now more taxpayers money will be used to fix them again until the next time.”

Another user, Margaret Howden, said: “What’s the matter with people? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to park.”