Rasen mayor responds to market stall ‘row’

John Matthews is re-elected as mayor of Market Rasen EMN-160131-121633001
John Matthews is re-elected as mayor of Market Rasen EMN-160131-121633001

Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews has issued the following letter:

Over the past last month, since a termination of licence to trade was issued, the Town Council has been bombarded with questions and petitions from a variety of our residents, but not a single question from the stallholders themselves.

The Town Council has no wish to harm any business in town, whether within a brick building or a market trader.

In fact, we have worked extremely hard to follow the legacy of MR BIG and keep the monthly markets 

Sadly, this has not been entirely successful but there are still opportunities (maybe less frequent) that we are exploring.

We, the council, have wanted to be diplomatic and not wished to air grievances in the public eye.

There is ‘freedom of information’, but there is also ‘data protection’. We have to observe both - fairly.

Ms North and Mr Spittlehouse have, since 2012, been issued several disciplinary notices of warning about their behaviour and code of conduct, all of which are recorded. These letters of warning are not issued lightly.

None of these have been contested or challenged.

Traders on the Market Place, for which we the council have full liability, must abide by Health & Safety and Code of Conduct practices.

Those Traders who fail to abide by the regulations must face a warning or 
disciplinary hearings.

Those who continue to ignore the above must 
accept the consequences.