Rasen farmer wins Britain’s Sexiest title

George Grant EMN-151202-143530001
George Grant EMN-151202-143530001

The lines are closed, the votes have been counted and the 
title of Britain’s Sexiest 
Farmer has gone to a Market Rasen man.

More than 15,000 votes were cast as the public had their say in the Farmers Weekly competition, but it was George Grant who topped the poll.

“It’s all quite amusing and my friends have been very supportive,” said the 20-year-old of his win.

And he certainly impressed fashion guru Gok Wan, who helped Farmers Weekly with the competition.

“George is tall, dark and classically handsome, with a rather sultry look,” he said.

“He’s got a wicked sense of humour and his love of farming really shines through. I’d happily spend a day on a sugar beet harvester with this young farmer!”

George, known to many as ‘Granty’, farms with his dad and alongside their own arable business, they contract-farm sugar beet.

“One of my earliest memories is spending days on the sugar beet harvester with Dad,” added George.

“We’d be out from 6 ‘til 6 some days and when I got tired I used to curl up on the floor, like a dog, because there was a heater under Dad’s seat,” George recalls.

So will this new found title mean farming is a thing of the past?

“I don’t think I will be taking up modelling,” laughed George.

“But then again ......... it depends on what was on offer.”

Winner of the female category was 27-year-old farm worker Lizi Clubley from Yorkshire.

The competition was run in association with The Original Muck Boot Company.

“Congratulations to our two wonderful winners,” said Farmers Weekly’s Farm Life Editor, Tim Relf.

“Lizi and George really wowed the judges - they’re hard-working, passionate about farming and great advocates for the countryside.

“Their dynamism and determination to carve themselves careers in agriculture is inspiring.

“The competition has been a huge amount of fun and is smashing stereotypes about how all farmers are scruffy!”