Rasen fantastic five are ‘a huge inspiration’

Sarah Clarke EMN-180928-135838001
Sarah Clarke EMN-180928-135838001

Five determined women who have overcome challenges to shed a combined 20st have been recognised for their incredible weight-loss.

Sarah Clarke, Becca Clark, Nikki Hasslegrave, Anne-Marie Stephenson and Charlotte Taylor have all been awarded the ‘Woman of the Year’ title at Market Rasen Slimming World.

Sarah Clarke EMN-180928-135900001

Sarah Clarke EMN-180928-135900001

Michelle and Annabelle, who run the local Market Rasen groups, said: “We are so proud of all our winners.

“They are all fantastic ambassadors, and what they have achieved is nothing short of incredible.

“Such a huge inspiration to everyone in our town, and we hope they inspire other women, and men, in Market Rasen to change their lives in the same way.”

Sarah Clarke lost a mega 8.5lbs in just one week when she first joined the group in March 2017.

Sarah Clarke EMN-180928-135838001

Sarah Clarke EMN-180928-135838001

Since then she has gone on to lose a further 6st 5lbs, and even maintained her weight loss through pregnancy with her second son.

She said: “I feel like a different woman to the one who walked into Slimming World all those months ago, and winning Woman of the Year is a real honour because there are so many amazing women in our group.

“I remember feeling like there was no hope when it came to my weight, but I’ve realised that when people believe in you – and you believe in yourself – you can do anything you set your mind to.

“I really hope my weight loss can inspire other people to get started on their own journey, and know that there’s a whole group of people waiting to support them every step of the way – especially in our Market Rasen groups.

“My goal now is to hit my target and stay there for life, which I know I can do.”

And Becca Clark, who has lost 3st 4lb, joined Slimming World in January after becoming increasingly unhappy with her size.

She said: “I started to put on weight after being pregnant with my daughter. I tried lots of different ways to lose weight but they usually left me feeling hungry, or miserable.

“I never could have dreamt that I’d be in this position when I first began my weight loss journey.”

Nikki Hasslegrave has lost 6st 7lb, Anne-Marie Stephenson has lost 3st 8lbs while wheelchair bound due to illness and Charlotte Taylor has lost 4st 1.5lbs and now happily enjoys running around the local parks with her young children.