Rasen branch of 4Networking has huge numbers joining

A 4Networking lunch meeting at Hemswell Court. Photo supplied.
A 4Networking lunch meeting at Hemswell Court. Photo supplied.

A Rasen business networking group has expanded so widely since its establishment earlier this year it has had to move to a new premises - and is still looking for more businesses to join.

The Lincoln North branch of 4Networking, set up in March this year, was originally housed at The Willows Garden Centre in Glentham - but has since expanded so rapidly that the group has moved to a new venue at Hemswell 

Group co-ordinator Marie-Claire Holman told the Mail attending group sessions was a great wait to ‘increase a business’s profile’.

“4Networking is a membership organisation with a joining fee, but it gives you access to groups locally, regionally and nationally,” 
she said.

“The way the meetings work means you are guaranteed three business appointments at every meeting you attend - which is great for 
developing contacts and helping to grow you business.”

The meetings at Hemswell Court, which take place every other Tuesday, consist of twenty minutes of ‘open networking’, followed by a 
sit-down lunch.

Members then participate in a quick-fire introduction of themselves and their businesses, which is followed by a twenty minute talk on a business-related subject.

The last half hour is dedicated to three ten minute business appointments 
with other businesses of your choice.

Mrs Holden added: “These meetings are fantastic for learning new skills and making new contacts.

“Every business is welcome at these meetings - and we aren’t going to turn you away if we have similar businesses in the group!

“It can help widen your customer base, as some businesses who offer similar services could refer their clients to you if their need was more in your area!”

• The Lincoln North branch of 4Networking meets at Hemswell Court every other Tuesday from 12pm until 2pm.

•To find out more about this branch or other branches in the region, visit www.4networking.biz/