Rasen at “bursting point” say town’s concerned locals

New houses in Market Rasen EMN-151008-094901001
New houses in Market Rasen EMN-151008-094901001

Market Rasen residents have responded with concern to the continuing development of new housing in the town.

There are fears that Rasen has reached “bursting point” and would struggle to sustain large numbers of families flocking to new estates.

One resident said: “I don’t think Rasen has enough facilities to support it (the development of new housing).

“I don’t think there is enough infrastructure.

“The schools are already at bursting point.

“If Rasen needs housing, it needs facilities to go with and support it.”

Another resident labelled an increase in housing as a “big issue for Market Rasen people”.

She said: “People do need somewhere to live.

“But if we are building houses and asking people to come and live in Market Rasen then we need to ensure there are enough jobs for them.

“The facilities in the town, such as doctors’, dentists’, car parks and drainage must be there and able to cope with what I think could be over 100 more houses.”

Resident Alan Sutcliffe identified a need for more housing, but was also concerned about facilities and employment prospects.

He told the Mail: “At the present moment I am living in an estate just beyond Tesco -there’s a big housing estate going up at the back.

“Whether we need it or not - and I think yes, probably so - I don’t think have the employment here for it.

“We don’t have enough transport to get people to and from here either.”

Last month, about 60 residents attended Market Rasen Town Council’s planning meeting in objection to Prospect Place Limited’s application to build 150 new homes.

The development would be built on farmland south of the Linwood Chase development.

Amid concerns surrounding the development, traffic flow is estimated to increase by 300 to 400 journeys per day.

A statement included in Prospect Place’s planning application acknowledges the development would lead to more cars on the road but - in spite of residents’ concerns - says the existing system would be able to cope.

The statement added: “It is concluded that the existing infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate the additional trips.”