Rallying call for farmers

More news every week in your favourite local newspaper - out Wednesdays
More news every week in your favourite local newspaper - out Wednesdays

It was fun in the sun for county Young Farmers as they gathered at Manor Farm, East Keal for their Annual Rally and cheers all round from the Wragby members who were the crowned champions at the end of a busy day.

The Market Rasen club had held the coveted Frank Mawer Trophy for the past five years, but they had to be content with third place.

North Holland were runners up, claiming the Roy Whattam Memorial trophy, which Wragby held last year.

But Market Rasen didn’t go home empty handed, as they had the satisfaction of holding on to the Lindsey Tug of War Cup.

The members of the 17 county clubs had taken part in working classes during the day and at a pre-rally event for livestock judging, representing their respective clubs in both individual and team competitions.

Other trophy winners were: Kesteven Rally Cup - 1 Market Rasen, 2 Wragby, 3 Spalding; Lindsey Exhibition Cup - 1 North Holland, 2 Wragby, 3 Spalding; Philadelphus Jeyes Cup - 1 North Holland 2= Spalding and Wragby; Holland Senior Cup - 1 Spalding, 2 Wragby, 3 Coningsby; Junior Rally Cup - 1 Harmston, 2 North Holland, 3 Coningsby; Junior Exhibition Cup - 1 Spalding, 2 Coningsby, 3 Market Rasen; Osmond Stock Judging Cup - 1= Wragby and Coningsby, 3 Horncastle; BOCM Pig Judging Shield - 1 Amy Sharpe, Horncastle, 2 Stephen Lockwood, Coningsby; Trinidad Challenge Cup - 1 Tom Shaw, Market Rasen, 2 Amy Sharpe, Horncastle; Holland Milk Subsidy Cup - 1 Millie Shipton, Horncastle; Alford Fat Stock cup - 1 Deborah Laird, Coningsby; Castle Leisure Trophy - 1 North Holland, 2 Market Rasen, 3 Coningsby; Lindsey YFC Cup - 1 Coningsby, 2 Louth, 3 Spilsby.

Class winners: Senior Working Classes- Beef judging - 1 Amy Sharpe and Milly Shipley, Horncastle, 2 Barry Hoden and Chris Laird, Coningsby, 3 Mathew Denby and Jack Boulton, Coningsby; Pig judging - 1 Amy Hanson and Steven Lockwood, Coningsby, 2 Amy Sharpe and Mathew Johnson, Horncastle, 3 Alice Rhodes and Molly Nicholls, Wragby; Sheep judging - 1 Lizzie Coulson and Tom Shaw, Market Rasen, 2 Tessa Bunstance and Luke Brooks, Riseholme; 3 Amy Sharpe and George Thompson, Horncastle; Dairy judging - 1 Milly Shipley and Christian Shepherd; 2 Barry Holden and Tom Laird, Coningsby, 3 Alice Rhodes and Molly Nicholls, Wragby; Hound judging - 1 Rebecca Creasy and Amy Sharpe, Horncastle, 2 Cat Lane and Henry Richardson, Spalding, 3 Abigail Harris and Kylie Knowles, Wragby; Hunter judging - 1 Sophie Walker and Becky Smith, Harmston, 2 Helen Long and Kylie Knowles; Efficiency with Safety (National Competition) - 1 Chris Sheldon, 2 Sam Gosling, Dave Willoughby and Tom Sleaford, Wainfleet, 2 Jack Richardson, Dan Campling, Will Tyrell and Sam Tyrell, Spalding; 3 Daniel Pacey, Harry Wallis, Chris Pacey and Robert Rhodes, Wragby; Fence Erecting (National Competition) - 1 George Moses, Charles Wright and Richard Catlin, North Holland, 2 Oliver Fussey, Nathan Curtis and Mark Houlton, Market Rasen, 3 Thoma Germany, Nick Playford and Edward Ward, Harmston; Crop Management - 1 Chris Sheldon, David Willoughby and Gavin Richie, Wainfleet. 2 Vicki Storr, George Thompson and Mathew Johnson, Horncastle, 3 Jack Seigneury, Becca Pringle and Jack Norton, Louth.l

Team Cookery (National Competition) - 1 Abigail Harris, Alex Olivant and Chris Bruntlett, Wragby; 2 Amy Sharpe, Alice Turner and Emma Storr, Horncastle, 3 Sophie Potter, Natalie East and Joe Emmerson, North Holland; ATV Safety Handling - 1 George Thompson and Matthew Johnson, Horncastle, 2= Angus Treadgold and Rob Shaw, Market Rasen, and Daniel Pacey and James Turner, Wragby; Cross Cut Sawing - 1 Matthew Johnson and George Thompson, Horncastle, 2 Ross Harris and Rob Shaw, Market Rasen, 3 Oliver Humpherstone and Philip Tonge, Billinghay; Human judging - 1 Tom Kent, Market Rasen, 2 Chris Pacey, Wragby; Ladies car maintenance - 1 Stacey Scarth, Spalding, 2 Sophie Hinchley, Louth, 3 Kylie Knowles, Wragby; Yoghurt eating challenge - 1 Will Riggall and Gaz Laking, Alford, 2 Rachel Gott and Dave Appleyard, Market Rasen, 3 Daniel Houseman and Robert Lister, Billinghay; Puppet Show - 1 Paul Willoughby and Laura Sherpe, Wainfleet, 2 Ellie Thomas and Becky Ward, Heckington, 3 Thomas Emmerson and George Firth, North Holland; Fancy Dress Bed Race - 1 Dan Campling, John Heanes, Toby Gibbard, Oliver Sneath and Stacey Scarth, Spalding, 2 Luke Tasker, Jack Norton, Jack Seigneury, Freddie Norton and Emma Templer; 3 Will Laird, Alex Laird, Tom Laird, Chris Laird and Natalie Taylor, Coningsby; Male Pillow Fight - 1 Nathan Curtis, Market Rasen, 2 Charles Lamb, 3 Gaz Laking, Alford; Female Pillow Fight - 1 Vicky Colebrook, Market Rasen, 2 Rosie Ownsworth, Harmston, 3 Hannah Elkington, Heckington; Egg and Spoon Relay - 1 Robert Rhodes, 2 Daryl Dunn, 3 Alice cannon and Beth Wilson, Wragby, 2 Matt Holland, 2 Nick Cresswell, Shannon Eaglestone and Sally Turner, Wainfleet, 3 Nick Playford, Thomas Ownsworth Georgina Pearson and Georgina Fielding- Martin, Harmston; Know Tour Farm Breeds - 1 Lizzie Coulson, Market Rasen, 2 Jack Battersby, Harmston, 3 Tessa Bunstance Riseholme; Egg Throwing - 1 Adam Smith and Fraser Howseman, Billinghay, 2 Sophie Inchley and Freddie Norton, Louth, 3 John Brogan and Edward Dowler, Harmston; Leap frog Race, 1 Richard Casswell, Hannah Worden and John Johnson, Heckington, 2 Jacob Baxter, Tom Wharmby and Mathew Cooling, Riseholme, 3 Will Laird, Alex Laird and Tom Laird, Coningsby; Senior Floral Art (National Competition) - 1 Lucy Gratton, North Holland, 2 Kate Parker Market Rasen, 3 Alice Rhodes Wragby; Intermediate Floral Art (National Competition) 1 Amy Hanson Coningsby, 2 Kimberley Featherstone North Holland, 3 Tanya Woodcock Market Rasen. Senior Exhibition Classes,- Cube Exhibit to depict the theme of ‘Musicals’ (National Competition), 1 Thomas Emmerson, William Wright, James Sharpe, Sophie Potter and Jake Blamchard North Holland, 2 Anna Baxter, Laura Gilbert, Amy Hanson, Deborah Laird and Kate Loveday Coningsby; 3 Harriet Roe, Becky Smith, Charity Roe, Rebecca Burgess and Georgina Pearson Harmston; Fashion Board (National Competition) 1 Laura Smothson Market Rasen, 2 Ben Firth North Holland, 3 Shannon Eaglestone Wainfleet; Disney Character Decorated Underwear, 1 Beth Iredale Corringham, 2 Rebecca Creasey Horncastle, 3 Shannon Eaglestone Wainfleet; Disney Character Scrap Metal Sculpture, 1 Andrew Smith North Holland, 2 Jack Forman Wragby, 3 James Emerson Heckington; Club Notice Board, 1 Alice Rhodes Wragby, 2 Tessa Bustance Riseholme, 3 Sarah Campling Spalding; Passport Holder, 1 Aimee tindall Wragby, 2 Chloe Harland Market Rasen, 3 Hannah Elkington Heckington;Theme Park on a Tray, 1 Chris Pacey Wragby, 2 Simon Potter North Holland, 3 Charity Roe Billinghay; Jingle Ball poster and Ticket, 1 Henry Richardson Spalding, 2 Beth Wilson Wragby, 3 Rebecca Harvey North Holland; YFC Handbook Cover, 1 Laura Gilbert Coningsby, 2 Rosie Stanley Alford, 3 Laura Holmes Wragby; Club Scrapbook, 1 Sarah Campling Spalding, 2 Lucy Challis Spilsby, 3 Sophie Potter North Holland; Photo Frame, 1 Luke Tasker Louth, 2 Chris Laird Coningsby, 3 Adam Baxter Spilsby. Junior Working Classes - Beef Judging, 1 Deborah Laird Coningsby, 2 Joseph Wray Harmston, 3 Fred Forman Wragby; Pig Judging, 1 Fred Forman Wragby, 2 Sayde Lea Coningsby, 3 Benjamin Wray Harmston; Sheep judging, 1 Natalie Taylor Coningsby, 2 Lauren Williams Horncastle and Joseph Wray Harmston, 3 Fred Forman Wragby; Dairy Judging, 1 Kate Loveday Coningsby, 2 Edward Dowler Harmston, 3 Evie Atterby Louth; Hound Judging, 1 Vicki Storr Horncastle, 2 Neave Stoker –Jeaves Market Rasen, 3 Ellie Laird Coningsby; Hunter Judging, 1Rowan Wright Corringham, 2 Tiger Urry Wragby, 3 Alice Croucher Louth; Human judging, 1 Alice Turner Horncastle, 2 Tiger Urry Wragby, 3 Emma Mottram Harmston; Generation Game, 2, James Fussey, 3 Joe Emmerson North Holland, 4 Deborah Laird Coningsby; Nail Art, 1 Harry Wray and Bethany Wray, Harmston, 2 Jake Blanchard and Charlotte Daubney North Holland, 3 Mathew Denby and Bethany Smith Alford; Leap Frog Race, 1 Henry Richardson, 2 Sarah Campling and Jesse Dean, 2 Sayde Lea, Natalie Taylor and Ellie Laird Coningsby, 3 Lloyd Haldun, Ben Firth and Joe Emmerson North Holland; Musicals Theme Cake Decorating, 1 Jack Maplethorpe Billingha, 2 Kelly Hoodless Wragby, 3 Alice Prior Spalding; Egg Throwing, 1 Emma Storr and Vicki Storr Horncasile, 2 Will Rigall and Mathew Denby Alford, 3 = Deborah Laird and Kate Loveday Coningsby, Alice Riddington and Ella Boardman Louth and Henry Inman and Jess Codd Market Rasen; Vegetable Printing, 1 Jack Battersby Harmston, 2 Sarah Campling Spalding, 3 Lloyd Haldun North Holland; Junior Floral Art, 1 Faye Dubut Market Rasen, 2 Ben Firth North Holland, 3 Bethany Wray Harmston. Junior Exhibition Classes- Photography, 1 Beth Barkley Spalding, 2 Adam Walker Spilsby, 3Kate Loveday Coningsby; Lincolnshire YFC invite to Youth Forum, Chris Brunlett Wragby, 2 Sayde Lea Coningsby, 3 Faye Dubut Market Rasen; Sock Puppets, 1 Deborah Laird Coningsby, 2 Neave Stoker-Jeaves Market Rasen, 3 Sarah Campling Spalding; YFC Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1 Natalie Taylor Coningsby, 2 Sarah Campling Spalding, 3 Luke Johnson Wainfleet; YFC Collage, 1 Charlie Gaunt Spalding, 2 Gemma Whiley North Holland , 3 Chris Bruntlett Wragby; Vegetable Sculpture, 1 Henry Richardson Spalding, 2 Harry Wray Harmston, 3 Jack Maplethorpe Billinghay; YFC Theme Scrap Metal Sculpture, 1 Jack Maplethorpe Billinghay, 2 Nick Casswell Wainfleet 3 Ed Firth North Holland; Lego Model, 1 Mathew Lister Spilsby, 2 Luke Merchant Spalding, 3 Deborah Laird Coningsby; YFC Apron, 1 Vicki Storr, 2 Sarah Campling Spalding, 3 Chris Bruntlett Wragby. Friends of YFC, Working Classes- Name the West End Shows, 1 John Wakefield Spalding, 2 Steve Watson Riseholm, 3 Ian Bruntlett Wragby; Three Legged Race, 1 Sally Campling and John Wakefield Spalding, 2 Oliver Wright and Geoff Pacey Wragby, 3 Gilly Austin and Mike Shaw Louth. Friends of YFC Exhibition Classes- Gable and Block, 1 Anthony Campling Spalding, 2 Mathew Fixter North Holland, 3 Ian Bruntlett Wragby; Strawberry Pavlova, 1 Oliver Wright Wragby, 2 Emma Steadman Horncastle; TFC Non Alcohol Cocktail, 1 Emma Steadman Horncastle, 2 Oliver Wright Wragby, 3 Emma Stephenson Corringham.