Protesters target pigeon netting

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ANIMAL rights protesters have already damaged the netting being erected under the railway bridge in Chapel Street, Market Rasen.

Work to install netting under the bridge, designed to prevent pigeons roosting there, is not yet complete, but town councillors were told last Wednesday that protesters had scaled the structure and cut a hole in the net.

Deputy mayor Steve Bunney said: “It is worth recording that when it was suggested in this council chamber that the pigeons be shot we saught advice on how to deal with them humanely and the netting was the experts advice.”

Mayor Ken Bridger said: “It is a real shame. It’s made the situation worse.

“Now there is a hole the pigeons are getting up there and then getting trapped under the netting and they are suffering.”

Market Rasen District and County Councillor Burt Keimach assured the town councillors that the work to install the netting would be completed and trials using a repellent gel will go ahead on the bridges in Queen Street and Waterloo Street.