Protest calls for farm closure

Highgate Farm protestors
Highgate Farm protestors

PROTESTERS brought their call for the closure of a Lincolnshire rabbit farm to Market Rasen last week.

The group of protesters originally camped outside Highgate Farm in Normanby by Spital last Monday but were moved on by police.

After two further attempts to set up camp, the protesters decided to focus their efforts in Market Rasen and Lincoln.

Campaigner Jon White said: “Ours was a peaceful protest.

“We are opposed to vivisection on both ethical and scientific grounds.

“Lots of animals are tortured in needless experiments and it doesn’t stop people dying from animal-tested drugs.

“As well as campaigning against vivisection, we are supporting the Safer Medicines Campaign, which has been set up by doctors and scientists.”

Highgate Farm owner Geoff Douglas confirmed the protesters had been moved on from outside his property, but did not wish to make any further comment.