Professionals: your town needs you!

AS the building blocks of a new neighbourhood plan for the Rasen area are put in place the voluntary steering group needs a wide variety of skilled professional to pitch in and lend a hand.

The Neighbourhood Planning Group is calling on the community to get involved in designing the future of Market Rasen, Middle Rasen and West Rasen, particularly people in financial management, marketing and promotion, building management, architects, social marketeers, social enterprise, structural and quantity surveyors, highways and planning, artists and designers, lawyers and auditors, photographers and heritage specialists, administrators and fundraising specialists.

Steering group member Carol Skye said: “The future needs building in Rasen, especially to create work opportunities and a nicer place to live in with more facilities.

“This is a community led project which at this stage would like to hear from anyone offering probono work or to volunteer. Over time there may be work opportunities and sharing the Buy Local theme, it is an aspitration to cultivate procurement from within our community.”

As reported in last week’s Market Rasen Mail the steering group needs to hear your opinions of what you would like to see in the Rasen area in future years, including areas like, healthcare, education, facilities, infrastructure, flood prevention, sports and community organisations, housing and business growth.

You can give your feedback by filling in a questionnaire at Rasen Hub in Union Street, or at or contacting the Market Rasen Mail.