Problem parking moved to new area

Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001
Caistor news EMN-150128-090811001

Parking in Caistor’s Horsemarket was described as ‘horrendous’ at last week’s town council meeting.

The comment came as Horsemarket resident Peter Thompson raised his concerns over safety at the bend near the old fire station.

“Since restrictions have been put in place at the primary school, more and more cars are parking on this dangerous corner,” said Mr Thompson.

“I have seen endless near misses - it is very narrow on the bend.

“It’s ok clearing by the primary school but driving them into the Horsemarket is not a safe answer either.”

Councillors and police agreed it is something that needs looking at.

“I agree parking down there is horrendous,” said PC Bell, “I am open to suggestions.

“It is not obstruction but it is quite horrendous. There have been no accidents, but it is only a matter of time. I am happy to get involved and try to come up with a solution.”