Postal deliveries in dark ‘scaring’ old

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Elderly people in Middle Rasen say they are being frightened by postal staff making late deliveries in the dark.

“They are coming around with a torch scaring the old people,” said one resident of the Meadowfield old people’s bungalows.

Deliveries of post have often been after 6pm and even as late as 6.45pm, they said, claiming the situation is getting worse.

“I have a German Shepherd. It went crackers,” one resident said concerning one late delivery.

“I’m 72, my neighbour is 76. Most of the residents are in their 80s. The postman was flashing his torch at windows scaring people. It’s not on. They’re getting later and later,” said another resident.

“A child waiting for a birthday card will have gone to bed before the postman comes,” she added.

The residents say they have complained to the Royal Mail but to no success. But now the Royal Mail has apologised for the late deliveries “in some parts of Market Rasen.”

“This has been due to unusually high levels of sick absence and a number of vacancies within the office. We are putting plans in place, including recruiting additional staff, to resolve the matter as quickly as we can and restore our service to the high standards our customers would normally receive,” said spokeswoman Morag Turnbull.