Porch and garden waste fire in Rasen area

Fire and Rescue news.
Fire and Rescue news.

Firefighters from Market Rasen have dealt with a series of callouts on Thursday, including garden waste alight in Faldingworth.

A crew was called to a house in High Street, Faldingworth, where a “large quantity” of fooliahe and garden waste was on fire.

The report came in just after 8.40pm on Thursday and firefighters used a water hose to put the blaze out.

Earlier, garden waste went up in flames outside a house in Jamieson Bridge Street, Market Rasen.

The fire was reported shortly after 7.10pm but it was out by the time firefighters arrived.

Meanwhile, a porch caught fire at a house in Moor Road, North Owersby, with the cause thought to be “smoking materials”

The fire happened just before 1.30pm and firefighters used a water hose to dampen the proch down.

Firefighters from Market Rasen then helped a person in difficulty at a house in Rase Lane, near the Festival Hall, at about 2pm.