Wiseman seeks to keep ‘digging’ at West Lindsey

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Middle Rasen district councillor Geoff Wiseman has confirmed he is to stand again for West Lindsey District Council.

The 67-year-old will run as an Independent for the new Market Rasen ward, which on May 7 will elect three councillors.

The vice-chairman of West Lindsey’s Challenge and Improvement Committee and member of Prosperous Communities committee stresses his role as a ‘digger,’ saying these committees help him scrutinise what the district council is doing.

Coun Wiseman said he is particularly concerned about sheltered housing, particularly with Lincolnshire County Council withdrawing its wardens a year ago.

“I still do not believe the elderly residents are getting the same standard of care which they had until the wardens were withdrawn.”

In recent weeks, he has met with Age UK, the county council and others to try and get services restored to their former level.

“A call centre in Welwyn Garden City cannot be more professional than what we had before,” he said.

The member said he will keep on pushing the county council and ACIS housing to bring back wardens.

Coun Wiseman said he will also work with Market Rasen Town Council in its efforts to regenerate its high street, saying “MR BIG has done a fantastic job.” He backs plans for a town manager and he supports a modernised Festival Hall.

The former Conservative believes Independents can better represent their constituencies than those from parties.

“I don’t have to toe the party line. I am not under a whip. I can dig and investigate. I’m not answerable to anyone except the people that elect me,” he said.

To date, the only other confirmed candidates for Market Rasen are Howard Thompson for UKIP and Ken Bridger for the Liberal-Democrats. The ruling Conservatives have yet to announce their candidates.