When will road repairs be carried out?

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Parish Council – THE monthly meeting of Wragby Parish Council was held on Monday, April 2, at the town hall.

The chairman, Coun Marcus Coleman, welcomed everyone and introduced the new clerk, Jo Trotter.

PUBLIC FORUM – A number of issues were raised at the public forum.

It was pointed out that a year ago markings were made on Millview Road, indicating repair work to be done.

This still has not been addressed and the area is deteriorating.

Concern was expressed over traffic using Silver Street at the start and end of the school day. The chairman said the school is aware and road safety will be discussed.

A shopkeeper sent in an objection to the proposed Sunday Market which, if it goes ahead, could run every Sunday for three months; the fear is that this would cause problems for local businesses.

The ditch on the A158, alongside the new estate, to the entrance to Millbrook Business Park is full of rubbish and weeds and needs cleaning out.

The matter has been reported to ELDC.

The clerk responded later in the meeting that further investigation is needed to determine ownership of the said ditch.

Coun Nash informed all that the village signs had been ordered, but said it is very doubtful that they will be ready in time for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

CLERK’S REPORT – The clerk reported that the vacancy for a new parish councillor will be advertised shortly.

An information board for the Market Place is almost ready and she will be informed when the work will commence.

Councillors had mixed feelings over the proposal for a market every Sunday in the Market Place, over a three month period.

The main concerns were the car parking issues and sustainability.

The chairman suggested the matter should be on the agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting, where he hoped the public would put forward their views. All agreed.

MERGER – In the past, the youth club and sports hall have been managed separately, but recently resources and funding have been withdrawn. Discussions have taken place with the view that a merger would be the way forward.

This would open up the facility with a snooker table and cafe on one side and the main sports hall and squash courts on the other, with opportunities for badminton and other indoor sports.

Interest has been shown from the school, which could use a larger area for the children, as could other local groups and organisations.

A new committee is hoped to be formed from the local community and LCC has indicated that a grant of £10,000 can be applied for to help towards the cost of leaders, who would run and manage a youth club for juniors and seniors.

This item will be placed on the Annual Parish Meeting agenda for discussion with members of the public.

JUBILEE – Councillors discussed the way to advertise the Diamond Jubilee celebrations now plans are in hand for the two days of events. Medals for the children have now been ordered.

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – This will be held at Wragby Town Hall on Tuesday, April 17, at 7.15pm.

The councillors are hoping for a good turnout from members of the public, to take part in the discussions regarding the proposed market and the merger of the youth club and sports centre.

There will be time for the public to speak to councillors and facilities available for suggestions and concerns to be left, which the councillors will look into.

Various local groups and organisations will be represented at the meeting.

Councillors want to know exactly what the community in Wragby want, so go along and have your say.

COMMUNITY GARDENERS – Hanging baskets was the attraction at the recent meeting of the Wragby Community Gardeners held at the Fire and Rescue Centre Community Room in Millbrook Park.

Chairman Edith Nash extended a welcome to members and visitors.

She was delighted to welcome six new members, which was particularly pleasing as it takes the total membership to almost 60... and the club only launched in the autumn.

Edith reminded everyone of the trip to the Harrogate Spring Flower Show on Sunday, April 29, as seats were still available and names and fares were also collected for the visit by coach to Harlow Carr.

Vicky Sonnenberg of Crowder’s Nurseries, Horncastle, who has a diploma in Horticulture and is a member of the RHS, was introduced by Edith and showed the various shapes and sizes of hanging baskets and containers that were available for the gardener.

She explained how to choose the most suitable compost when filling, and the value of water retaining gel and fertilisers while also stressing the importance of drainage.

Contrasting and complimentary colours with the length of life of the plants all needed to be taken into consideration when designing arrangements for the containers, she advised.

After answering questions, thanks were expressed by Edith, while Vicky distributed discount vouchers for purchases at Crowder’s to her audience.

WHIST – Results of the whist drive held at Wragby Town Hall on Friday, March 30: 1st lady Mrs R Wright, 2nd lady Mr A Whylie, 3rd lady Mrs B Brumpton, 1st gent Mr G Wright, 2nd gent Mr J Bartlett, 3rd gent Mr M Swift; most 2s and 8s, lady Mrs M Brammer; lowest 2nd half, gent Mrs G Baker; miniature Mrs R Wright and Mrs M Horton.