West Lindsey councillors eye district plan in ‘secret’

Ken Bridger EMN-141208-135137001
Ken Bridger EMN-141208-135137001

The first draft of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan will be released this week.

The document was formally issued yesterday and will be discussed by West Lindsey District Councillors tomorrow, Thursday.

The plan aims to set the development agenda for West Lindsey and neighbouring districts for the next few decades.

A recent council briefing note says Central Lincolnshire and West Lindsey have a growing population due to a higher birthrate and immigration, mostly from other parts of the UK. Thus, more homes, jobs and businesses are needed, which must be planned for.

The local plan will be produced between now and the end of 2016, and will detail polices on ‘sustainable growth’ and ‘meeting people’s essential needs’ such as affordable housing, schools, roads, health facilities and open space.

Housing needs will be further presented in a Strategic Housing Market Assessment in 2015. Research for it is underway, with interim findings due this month, public consultation beginning in October, and a report due for completion in February-March.

The public have their say from October when the draft highlights the main principles behind the plan, including settlement growth and strategic priorities.

More site allocations will be included in a Summer 2015 draft, followed by a Final Draft early in 2016.

But until September 1, when it becomes public, the draft plan is confidential.

“It’s all on paper. I can’t bring it away from the meeting (tomorrow). They have to shred it there and then,” said Market Rasen’s district councillor Ken Bridger.