‘We can create a dynamic economy outside the EU’

Edward Leigh EMN-160114-133224001
Edward Leigh EMN-160114-133224001

Market Rasen and Caistor MP Sir Edward Leigh has spoken out in favour of leaving the EU, during a debate in Westminster Hall.

Sir Edward said: “Given that we are the fifth largest economy in the world, and given that we are now a self-confident nation, we are no longer, as was the wartime generation, transfixed by the prospect of the loss of empire and the belief that we had to be part of a larger political union.

“We have moved on, and we are a self-confident, successful nation.

“I believe that we can create a dynamic, mid-Atlantic trading economy outside the EU that can move forward and increase prosperity for all our people.

“That is what I will be arguing in the EU referendum, and this debate is just one of the first steps along that path.”

The Conservative MP told the meeting leaving the EU, or staying in it, would make a difference of only one per cent or two per cent to gross national product.

He said leaving the EU would not be a “great disaster” that would cost three million jobs.