‘We are fighting for fairer funding in Lincolnshire’

Edward Leigh EMN-160114-133224001
Edward Leigh EMN-160114-133224001
  • County’s MPs hit back at claims they are failing to get the best deal for the area

Lincolnshire’s MPs have hit back at allegations they are failing to fight for a fairer funding deal for the cash-strapped county.

The county council admits it will have to axe frontline services in the coming months, with subsidised school and college transport, home care and road maintenance all in the firing line.

The council says it must save around £49million in the next 12 months - and as much as £170million over the next four years.

Council leader Martin Hill has pointed the finger of blame at the Government and accused David Cameron’s regime of favouring Metropolitan boroughs ahead of rural communities.

His comments come at a time when the county is firmly under the control of the Conservatives and has seven Tory MPs at Westminster.

That has led Colin Mair, the UKIP leader at County Hall, to accuse MPs of failing the county.

He said: “A Conservative run council, seven Tory MPs and we still get kicked in the teeth by Whitehall.

“The MPs should be standing up for Lincolnshire but they know if they did that, it would be a career ending move.”

But MP Sir Edward Leigh has hit back. He said: “The government continues to tackle the deficit left by the last Labour government. In challenging times for the global economy we must live within our means, reducing government spending to a sustainable, balanced level. Lincolnshire’s MPs are regularly having meetings with ministers and the county council, working together to do our best to represent the county.

“Tough decisions have had to be made and will continue to be made as fairly as possible. We have to live, and make choices, in the real world. Lincolnshire people have kindly put their trust consistently in the Conservatives at district, county and national level. I note that whilst there is criticism there is scant suggestion of alternatives. I will work hard to make sure we get the best deal we can for Lincolnshire every time.”

And MP Victoria Atkins said: “I have twice spoken in debates in the Commons on funding and I - and my fellow MPs from Lincolnshire - will continue to shout as loud and as often as we can. We will continue to lobby for a fairer deal.”