Want a skate park? Help us with funding

Work on a new skate park in Caistor may start this year after the town council set aside £10,000 of its reserves to kick start the project.

Caistor’s district councillor Alan Caine feels confident he can get match funding from West Lindsey for the scheme, but town councillors also want the town’s Skate Park Project action group to get involved in fundraising.

The new skate park will cost around £35,000 and Caistor Mayor John Burns-Salmond is keen for parents and children pushing for the skate park to be built to get involved in raising money.

He said: “We seem to be doing all the work.

“It would be nice to approve some funding and then go back to the action group and say, ‘now how about you do some fundraising.’

“There are some very proactive parents who could get involved and help

“The emphasis now goes back on the action group.”

Coun Alan Caine said he has already approached West Lindsey District Councillor and Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner for match funding and thought he may get up to £25,000.

He said: “It’s not just providing a skate park, it’s providing facilities for the youth because there is nothing for them in the town.

“We have a small youth club which due to funding is teetering on the edge and that’s it.”

Coun Burns-Salmond said it was also vital that the council did not forget about providing new play equipment in the town’s parks just because the skate park project had moved to the fore.

He added: “I would just like to remind council that we are again overlooking the park equipment.

“Some of this equipment is 50 years old that children are playing on now.

“We have been talking about this since I have been involved in the council and probably decades before, and now there is a new project that is very popular, but we cannot do everything.

“I’m just mindful we do not forget about the parks.

“Skating is specific and it will only appeal to a certain section of an age group. 
Play park equipment has appeal to all children from toddlers up.”

The council has currently put aside £19, 500 to pay for new play park equipment, but the skate park will cost nearly double that.

The authority has around £46,000 in reserves it can draw on if needed, although authorities should keep some funds in reserve.