Volunteer now to help shape your town’s future

Brigg Town Council needs the urgent support of local people in two key areas.

Brigg’s Community Led Plan has been given a new image – the 2020 vision for Brigg.

When completed it will set out the vision and aspirations of the community with regard to the development of the town over the next decade.

Numerous consultation events have already been held at various locations and events in the town during the past year, and this key important consultation phase is now drawing to a close.

However, before the working group begins the task of collating all of the comments received so far, it has been decided that a direct appeal for final observations will be made; and local people have been selected from the Electoral Roll to attend one of two sessions being arranged for this purpose.

The town council members and the volunteers working alongside are keen to ensure that, when published, the plan is a true representation of the views of the whole community.

The town council is also seeking to recruit a number of public spirited citizens who would be willing to pledge their support in the event of an emergency in the town.

The aim is to divide the town into smaller areas, with a team of volunteers in each area who are willing to provide a ‘good neighbour’ response to issues that may arise.

There is no need for people to have any specific skills or technical expertise to get involved.

The town council simply needs to recruit people who are able to help with basic but important tasks, eg clearing snow and spreading salt during severe snow and ice; filling and distributing sandbags when properties are at risk of flooding and helping with refreshments should a serious disaster occur.

A special consultation session had been arranged on these issues on Tuesday November 1 at 7pm in the Angel Suite.