Under fire! Rasen Council slams police ‘error’

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Councillors in Market Rasen have hit out at Lincolnshire Police claiming they did not accurately assess vandalism at a town playground.

Back in January, a furious resident told a Market Rasen Town Council meeting that several bins at Mill Road play area had been damaged and part of a seat on a play equipment had melted after youths set fire to them over the Christmas holiday period.

The council contacted the police about the damage - but members are not happy with the outcome.

Speaking at the town council’s April meeting, Coun Margaret Lakin-Whitworth said: “I had a meeting with [a police officer].

“He said he couldn’t see much damage on the seat when he first went to look by himself.

“It wasn’t until he went in March that he actually saw the damage caused.

“By then the report had gone in and it was too late to put down. It was then too late to do anything about it.”

Coun Steve Bunney told the meeting: “What we’ve actually learned is that the incident wasn’t assessed accurately.”

Coun Lakin-Whitworth said she believed police had taken action against the people responsible for the bin fires.

Town Mayor John Matthews had vowed to pursue ‘financial compensation’ from those responsible for the damage in order to fund repairs.

But Coun Bunney said the damaged seat was still being held together with tape.

He said: “It’s safe but it is stuck together with gaffer tape

“We need to know if that’s putting people off using it.”

Since the incident, CCTV cameras have been installed at the playground.

The cameras are monitored at West Lindsey District Council’s control room and operate 24 hours a day.

At the time of going to press Lincolnshire Police had not responded to a request for a comment.