UKIP: “They’re not going to have an easy ride”

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UKIP has said if it wins seats on West Lindsey District Council, the other parties will have to “keep looking over their shoulder.”

Gainsborough UKIP chairman Howard Thompson issued the challenge while revealing some of his team for the May 7 local elections.

The former RAF officer from Claxby will stand in Market Rasen, Osgodby farmer Mike Ranby is standing in Kelsey, antiques restorer Tony Wells is standing in Hemswell, another Osgodby farmer Nigel Wright is standing in Caistor.

Howard said since his Gainsborough branch was formed last year, his supporters have discovered a Market Rasen worried about its high street, public safety and car parking. He pledged his candidates would call for more police patrols, demand road repairs, seek a tidier town centre, and support the town council, especially in its efforts to improve high street shopping and the markets.

Howard, who works in cybersecurity, wants people to get away from the view opposing immigration is somehow racist, saying he welcomes those with the skills we need, but the ‘large influxes’ of immigrants Britain has seen is placing pressure on the NHS, schools, roads, and housing, including in West Lindsey, where the district council is planning tens of thousands of extra homes.

“If I get onto the district council, they (opponents) are not going to have an easy ride. My aim is to keep looking over their shoulder,” he said.

Mike Ranby says there are too many petty rules affecting farmers and other businesses. He joined UKIP because of “the lying of Ted Heath and the ditching of Margaret Thatcher.”

“If elected, I would be prudent with people’s money. I would bring some common sense, which seems to be lacking,” he said.

Former RAF sergeant Tony Wells wants local referenda on wind turbines and says local councils know where best to spend money rather than central government.