UKIP puts energy into Market Rasen campaign with Helmer visit

Roger Helmer MEP EMN-150904-164542001
Roger Helmer MEP EMN-150904-164542001

UKIP is to put the heat on other parties with a visit from East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer.

And central to the party’s message will be UKIP’s opposition to wind turbines.

While Gainsborough UKIP notes opposition to turbines from Sir Edward Leigh, they add he remains in a party which still supports them.

Roger Helmer is an outspoken opponent of unreliable forms of energy production and the UKIP manifesto has declared to halt all wind farm placement in the UK in favour of exploring other, more reliable, sustainable energy. He also believes current ‘green’ initiatives make British industry less competitive and cost jobs.

After starting Saturday, April 11, in Gainsborough, Mr Helmer and Gainsborough PPC John Saxon will visit Hemswell Cliff, the site of a proposed, controversial wind farm, whose application is still to be determined by Local Communities Minister Eric Pickles, before heading on to Market Rasen.

John Saxon, who was educated at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Horncastle, and began his career in the RAF at Scampton, said the campaign is going well, gaining much support from people he and his activists have canvassed.

“People are finding UKIP says the truth,” he said.

Mr Saxon is a former businessman, who developed two of the most successful enterprise agencies in South Yorkshire, before spending a number of years in France with his wife Jan. They returned to the UK in 2012.

Mr Helmer also has had a successful business career, with him holding many marketing and general management positions with multi-nationals. Such interests will see the pair take special notice of Market Rasen’s struggling high street, something Mr Saxon has often visited and commented on already.

Returning to Lincolnshire after 20 years, Mr Saxon says nothing changed when he was away and cuts to public services have little effect on the wealthy but “devastate” the lives or ordinary people, especially the elderly, disabled and those unable to find work.

“Regeneration starts with giving people hope that things can and will improve. Not increasing zero hour contracts, giving politicians, senior managers and bankers huge pay rises and losing public money in poor investments”.

“By leaving the EU, reducing Foreign Aid and scrapping HS2, UKIP have shown that funding of approximately £25 Billion per year is available to fund essential resources such as improvement of the NHS which, under UKIP, will always remain free. With suitable restructuring and concentrating on the patient not just targets, the NHS could be the envy of the world, once again. There would remain sufficient funds to strengthen Police, Fire and Public Services and the Armed Forces,” he said.

The PPC added Gainsborough UKIP has a “small but dedicated” team of candidates standing for the District Council who look forward to “making a significant positive difference to West Lindsey after May 7th.”

*For further information and itinerary timings please contact John Saxon or Dr Howard Thompson, Chairman UKIP Gainsborough