Two hour car parking limit to start in Caistor

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Motorists wanting to park in Caistor town centre will be limited to two hours from the Spring.

The town and district councils will be imposing the restrictions in the Market Place to stop it being used as a ‘Park-n’Ride.’

The move, agreed with Lincolnshire County Council, follows years of discussions between it and Caistor Town Council.

Town and district councillor Alan Caine told a meeting of West Lindsey District Council last week that the deal arose because Caistor Town Council owns the ‘core’ of its town centre.

“We have come up with limited two hour parking. We will be implementing this shortly. We have suffered for years from people parking long term. They will park from 7am and take buses to Lincoln and Grimsby. We have businesspeople leaving their own cars and then complaining there’s no trade. Thus, we have brought in the limit. It will still mean free parking so shoppers can pop in and out,” he said.

Caistor Town Clerk Helen Pitman told the Rasen Mail that Lincolnshire County Council has done all the legal work, Public Notices have been placed in the press and the signs have been ordered.

“It’s waiting for Highways to get the signs and come to force,” she said.

Mrs Pitman added there are alternatives for people wanting to park long-term, including the front of the old ACIS depot in Mill Lane, which the council leases, and the town council car park on North Kelsey Road.

“There are alternatives for people that want to park all day but they have to work. The problem is small towns were built for before cars were even thought of,” she added.

The County Council will patrol the square and issue enforcement notices. A two-hour limit has also been raised as a solution to Market Rasen’s parking problems.